Exchange Platform (ESB- SOA)

Make way for the networked business.
New-generation exchange platforms respond to a major challenge: orchestrating all streams to boost business synergies. Being able to translate and convert all exchange protocols, they enable yesterday's applications to interoperate with tomorrow's services.

How do you implement a new-generation exchange platform? The challenge? To deliver benefits rapidly, while also preparing for tomorrow. The secret? Use a modular strategy for immediate ROI on early projects, while creating a robust and sustainable foundation for the future.

Make your application flows interoperate

Whether you need to combine several applications, or interoperate with partners, every project starts by addressing a targeted business requirement.

The challenge? To implement an exchange platform that is both robust and scalable. The solution? Boost > ESB: secure exchange platform consultancy and integration services. Bull’s greatest asset: leading-edge expertise in the best open source and proprietary solutions.

Make the most of and open up your legacy services

Your mainframe and transaction processing applications such as Tuxedo are a major asset.

The challenge? To make more of them, using emerging Java and Cloud services. The solution? Boost > LiberTP: an unrivalled, ‘plug & play’ opportunity to capitalize on and open up your legacy services; reducing costs without any need for new development. Bull’s greatest asset: LiberTP, a unique portfolio of products and services designed to make the most of legacy and Tuxedo environments, and open them up.

Build your SOA and BPM platform

Over and above interoperability, how can you optimize your business processes?

The challenge? To implement powerful SOA and Business Process Management solutions. The solution? Boost > BPM: high-level consultancy and integration services in business process management.
Bull’s greatest asset: A powerful combination of functional and business know-how, in tandem with cutting-edge expertise in the leading open source and proprietary solutions!

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