Exchange Platform (ESB- SOA)

Make way for the networked business.
New-generation exchange platforms respond to a major challenge: orchestrating all streams to boost business synergies. Being able to translate and convert all exchange protocols, they enable yesterday's applications to interoperate with tomorrow's services.

Global consultancy expertise

Historically an expert in middleware, Bull has developed unique knowledge of multi-vendor and multi-technology architecture in exchange platforms, SOA and BPM. Choosing Bull means being supported by an expert who knows how to combine functional and business knowledge to design the best custom solution, embedding the best 'best of breed' components. The challenge: to offer the most appropriate response to the strategic priorities and specific business constraints of your organisation.

Expertise in integration and high-added value technologies

By relying on its publishing partners and Open Source, Bull has built up cutting-edge knowledge of methodology to design custom exchange platforms. Bull has also developed very high added value targeted technologies, such as Liber TP, which enable you to make best use of your legacy services, and a unique portfolio of security solutions for exchange platforms. With Bull, you are choosing a global expert that will be able to integrate the solution offering the best performance, high security and maximum upgradability for today and tomorrow.

Services of a trusted operator

Bull has developed unique expertise in reliable exchange platforms. With Boost, Bull has designed a customised programme to help organisations enter the age of service-oriented information systems, to open their application silos and to make exchanges with their digital ecosystem an engine for productivity and growth.
Expert in Telecoms, outsourcing and the Cloud, Bull can implement and operate exchange platforms for third-parties ’as a service’, including implementation, operation and secure supervision. With Bull, you can concentrate on your strategic business challenges: management will follow. In complete confidence.


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Boost your interoperability with a new -generation ESBs

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Interview with Hervé Le Burel, ESB/BPM Service Offerings Manager at Bull
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