Exchange Platform (ESB- SOA)

Make way for the networked business.
New-generation exchange platforms respond to a major challenge: orchestrating all streams to boost business synergies. Being able to translate and convert all exchange protocols, they enable yesterday's applications to interoperate with tomorrow's services.

Although clients Bull are very different, they all share the same imperative to have systems with high performance and high security to innovate and grow faster than their competitors. Architect of an Open World, Bull has the unique ability to remain at the forefront of best global technologies, to make a powerful digital business development.

Bull helps Pôle emploi to unify Information Systems

Set up in 2008, as the result of a merger between two very different entities with distinct roles and cultures – and aims to offer a unified service, extremely rapidly – the first concern of Pôle Emploi was to integrate heterogeneous information systems. The challenge? To unify several application ecosystems that don’t normally interact, and ensure that all your applications and those of your partners (including government ministries and banks) can successfully interact around a single shared platform. That’s what the French government employment service Pôle Emploi has done, entrusting Bull with its strategic project, Phebus. The secret? An inter-application bus combining high performance and extreme scalability. The result? Unified and optimized applications, capable of handling high-volumes of messaging traffic (several hundred million messages a day), for greater operational efficiency.

SGMAP chooses Bull to implement an exchange platform

The digital world offers something unique: it puts each of us just 1 click away from everyone we need to be in contact with. This is the target the Direction Générale de la Modernisation de l’Action Publique has set itself, with the aim of creating a secure exchange platform between all the French administration services. The challenge? Create a foundation communication platform to uphold MonservicePublic.fr, the one-stop government service hub, and to enable all public organization and state partner information systems to interoperate seamlessly. The secret? The Exchange and Trust Platform developed by Bull, combining synchronous and asynchronous ESBs, interfaces with all business services and high security solutions. The result? Hundreds of thousands of secure messages are already being handled each month, with 150 million messages a year predicted by 2015. With state-of-the-art security, designed to meet the specific challenges of each type of business procedure.


A large number of leaders have already benefitted from Bull's expertise and knowledge for their ESB platform. A few examples from among many:

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