Exchange Platform (ESB- SOA)

Make way for the networked business.
New-generation exchange platforms respond to a major challenge: orchestrating all streams to boost business synergies. Being able to translate and convert all exchange protocols, they enable yesterday's applications to interoperate with tomorrow's services.

In a world of many players where interoperability and sheer speed are becoming critical, new-generation exchange platforms are the solution to a major challenge: orchestrating vast numbers of dataflows to boost business synergies. If you can translate and convert the whole spectrum of exchange protocols… yesterday’s applications can interoperate with tomorrow’s services. Even better. They can provide a powerful driver for implementing the newest generation of services-oriented information systems: essential for managing business exchanges in an open world with so many players. In a networked world, exchange platforms offer more than just a way to make the most of your existing systems. They let you build and run the nerve cell of your business ecosystems.

At the heart of Services-Oriented Information Systems


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Boost your interoperability with a new -generation ESBs

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