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Capacity and performance management

In order to fully exploit the advantages of Bull Escala's advanced virtualization technologies and to meet the long-term business objectives of the company, the IT director needs to have management tools to maintain control and efficiently manage their entire infrastructure beyond a purely technical approach .

Bull Performance Report (BPR) is designed for operational capacity management to help decision making and top-down analysis for anticipating performance quality issues. BPR helps to accelerate and optimize virtualization deployment while allows simultaneously maximizing VMware ROI and minimizing risks.

  • A full overview of the Escala architecture: BPR complements PowerVM ™ technology, efficiently managing capacity at all levels of the architecture from a single point: Escala physical servers, partitions and shared processor pools. BPR can customize the size of the different partitions and distribute the best resources for different workloads.
  • Proactive continuous and reliable management : With the quality of continuously collected data and its analatical functions from relevant metrics, BPR is well suited to the dynamic nature of virtualization technologies of Bull Escala servers. It improves the quality of service, anticipates operational risks, understands the errors , and responds quickly to new needs.
  • Analytical intuitive reports: Bull Performance Report Enterprise Edition* automatically provides easy to read analytical reports, facilitating decision making. Accessible from any web browser, the reports provide effective collaboration and interaction between architects, administrators and managers, with a wide range of automated reports, specialized by subject and providing immediate access to essential information. These reports also allow better communication and transparency for the users.



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