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System Management

shema bull system manager

Bull System Manager is designed to simplify the management of all Bull servers and storage and while improving system availability and performance. Thanks to its open combined with ease of integration and deployment flexibility a larger number of servers can be managed in heterogeneous environments with a lower cost per managed system.

Bull System Manager (BSM) is a management solution designed for all Bull servers (Escala, novaScale, Bull Blade Series) . BSM provides a single entry point to manage servers as well as storage subsystems. It provides powerful tools for Microsoft® Windows®, Linux® and AIX® environments.

Thanks to its three-tier architecture and the use of OpenSource components, (enhanced, tested and supported by Bull) Bull System Manager can be easily integrated in large enterprise management platforms such as: HP OpenviewCA Unicenter and Tivoli through CIM (Common Information Model) and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) forwarding mechanisms, thereby guaranteeing the company's investment protection.


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A single point of control for the integrated management of Bull servers. Managing the increasing complexity of data center business is a major challenge for IT managers who want to reduce total cost of ownership. Designed to facilitate the task of the system administrator in these complex environments, Bull System Manager (BSM) allows the company to meet this challenge.

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