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All the cloud computing features for AIX environments,
for an agile private cloud without changing the existing set-up.

Cloud Computing Escala

Moving towards cloud computing represents a major transformation project not just for IT Departments, but for any organization that depends on its computing resources. And like any other fundamental evolution, it requires commitment and careful pacing, as well as a staged approach and painstaking attention to change management. To meet this challenge, Bull has developed Le cloud by Bull, an integrated and gradual approach that combines all the Group’s areas of expertise to support you as you move – at your own pace – towards the most appropriate enterprise Cloud for your business, which meets your current and future needs and protects your investments.

How can we be sure of the safety and integrity of our data? What are the steps to take when moving to the cloud in POWER / AIX environment ? Is it possible to move to the cloud while maintaining the advantages of AIX and protecting investments?

The Escala cloud solution provides the cloud computing software stacks needed for cloud computing, which can be rapidly integrated without having to change the existing set-up. With Escala, transforming POWER/AIX™ environments into agile private and secure clouds is a simple and pragmatic step-by-step process. Moreover, besides the guarantees afforded by POWER / AIX ™, the operating system in the most secure world, Escala allows complete isolation of virtual machines for a intrusion-proff seal for the data .

With Escala, moving POWER / AIX ™ environments to agile private cloud is simple and pragmatic.

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Bull training has developed specific cloud expertise to ensure the transfer of skills and support users in the use of cloud tools.


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