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Enjoy all the benefits
of virtualization with Escala

All the power and flexibility of POWER™/AIX® servers,
offering a unique choice of services and solutions to build open,
secure infrastructures.

High range servers

Escala servers provide the ideal IT infrastructure for critical applications, business continuity and consolidation, guaranteeing the highest level of availability and security for AIX™ and Linux applications.

Escala H9-700

Processor: 64-bit POWER7™
Clock rates (Min/Max): 3.72/4.0/4.25GHz
Micro partitioning and Power on Demand
System memory (Std/Max): 64 GB/ 16TB
Internal storage (Max): 249TB
Performance (rPerf range) * : 2812.71

Features : The Escala H9-700 server has advanced virtualization features and TurboCore mode which can amplify the performance of its cores.

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