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Smooth migration, secure and clear
to migrate your Oracle databases.

OLM, an automated solution for Oracle databases

OLM migration solutions developed by Bull, are so easy to use that they can automate migration of Oracle databases between heterogeneous platforms without impacting the applications or degrating the performance of the production database.

OLM is designed to perform this migration without any interruption to production and without any loss of data, significantly reducing costs and timescales, and making migration operations efficient and effortless. The deployment of native Oracle tools is the pledge of reliability for OLM.

To ensure service continuity, OLM allows coherence between source and target systems to be maintained for as long as is necessary.

OLM is available for Oracle versions 9i, 10g and 11g.

OLM: a vital ingredient for migrating to Bull Escala servers

Each database migration is unique, and requires good preparation and methodology to ensure a successful outcome. Bull has developed a global and structured approach so migration projects from an Oracle database to an Escala server take place under the best possible conditions.

The practical methodology seperates the migration into three main phases:

  • Pre-migration: using the OLM qualification tool, Bull conducts an audit of the existing configuration and pinpoints key factors that will guarantee success for the migration. This stage will also identify avenues for improving the infrastructure and the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), and will identify the most appropriate migration strategy, while including estimation of the costs and timescales involved.
  • Migration of schemas and data using the OLM tool.
  • Post-migration, including validation of the new environment.

Bull's expertise in database technology

The Group is investing significant resources in developing its expertise in Bull platforms. The Database Center of Expertise has acquired considerable experience over the years and in the course of regular interventions in major infrastructure projects involving databases. Consultations with Bull's experts can be arranged at the Bio Demo Center in Grenoble to assist customers with key decisions or specific projects.


Brochure OLM-escala
Operational Live Migration (OLM) Oracle databases migrated seamlessly

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