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Enjoy all the benefits
of virtualization with Escala

All the power and flexibility of POWER™/AIX® servers,
offering a unique choice of services and solutions to build open,
secure infrastructures.

10 key reasons to choose Escala for your Unix applications

  1. The best platform available for a secure, private cloud. Provides speed of deployment, adaptability, cost control while meeting all potential cloud security challenges.
  2. The answer to environmental challenges. Reduction of power consumption combined with performance optimization with advanced virtualization functions.
  3. The largest and most open validated and integrated ecosystem. Bull offers the largest range of servers, converged infrastructures, storage sub-systems and services.
  4. “The leading Unix/RISC technology” (GARTNER). Build your Unix information system on sound foundations.
  5. Unique services with high added value. Bull offers simple and comprehensive solutions for high availability and management of virtualized infrastructures.
  6. The flexibility of on-demand power and virtualization. Adapt your activities in real time, on demand.
  7. 15,000 AIX applications and the openness of Open Source. Make the most of the largest Unix application portfolio.
  8. The best environment for the consolidation of Unix systems. Simplify your IT, reduce your costs! Escala makes it easy.
  9. Packaged solutions for instant deployment. HA, SAN, backup, disaster recovery… No worries! You are safe.
  10. The most powerful AIX competence center in Europe. Get high level expertise close to your site.
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