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    Escala Smart Move

    Constant pressure to reduce costs need to simplify and rationalize distributed infrastructures or deploy new applications in readiness for economic recovery, uncertainty about the commitment of SUN and HP on their high-end Solaris/SPARC and HP-UX technologies…  The current economic and technological turmoil bring more challenges than ever before. But with Smart Move, Bull has made available the program that IT Directors have been waiting for, to maximize the profitability and sustainability of their Unix Data Centers using Bull Escala servers.

    Nowadays, many IT Departments are faced with strategic dilemmas when it comes to the future of their Unix infrastructures. What is going to happen to Solaris/Sparc systems now that they have been bought out by Oracle, with sweeping cuts across the range and uncertainties surrounding R&D programs? How can they ensure the long-term future of their Oracle databases and applications based on high-end HP-UX servers? With Smart Move, – Bull’s dedicated consolidation program to tackle these issues.

    Building on its wide experience of consolidating Solaris and HP-UX infrastructures onto Escala, Bull offers a comprehensive approach. This goes from an initial ‘flash audit’ – a rapid benchmarking of the Data Center, to evaluate possible ways forward – right through to live running with high-availability of over 99.9%, and features a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis designed to identify the most appropriate architecture to meet each customer’s needs and maximize their return on investment. The consolidation itself is based around UNIFY, a dedicated methodology which guarantees reliable and transparent consolidation. It also uses powerful migration tools such as OLM (Operational Live Migration); an automated migration tool specifically developed by Bull for Oracle environment .

    The aim of Escala Smart Move is clear: to help IT Departments add a whole new dimension to their Unix Data Centers, with the dual benefits of longer-term stability and immediate improvements :

    • Average cost savings of 30% thanks to an architecture based on Bull Escala servers.
    • Security and durability when it comes to applications, capitalizing on the market leading Unix technology AIX/Power, jointly developed by Bull and IBM, and offering the world’s best Unix service quality (99.997 %) thanks to Bull Escala servers
    • Simple systems administration , to ensure a transparent transition and consolidate the future of the Data Center.

    The best choice for the future

    With Escala Smart Move, Bull is aiming to help IT Departments benefit more than ever from the ‘Power of Choice’ offered by its Bull Escala solutions :

    • The choice of a market leader : the option to work with a leader on three fronts – the most advanced system in the Unix world, the world’s number one Unix system, and France’s leading player in Unix systems – to support IT Departments and help them add a whole new dimension to their Unix Data Centers.
    • The choice of expertise and local service delivery : with several hundred AIX experts in France, Europe’s largest services center dedicated to consolidation, and wide experience gained on some of Europe’s biggest consolidation projects: everything that’s needed to maximize ROI and service quality.
    • The choice of freedom: with Bull, there is no risk of being trapped with a closed, integrated solution that forces IT Departments to choose proprietary software and extortionate maintenance contracts. Now they are free to choose whichever components and environments best suite their requirements … and only those ones, integrated just how they want them and according to their needs. The Escala Smart Move program is available now and can be seen in action at Bull’s European demonstration center, the Bio Demo Center in Grenoble .


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    Maybe it’s time to add a new dimension to your Unix data center ?

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