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All the power and flexibility of POWER™/AIX® servers,
offering a unique choice of services and solutions to build open,
secure infrastructures.


Thanks to their innovative virtualization features, Bull Escala servers can consolidate multiple applications within a single physical server making better use of the resources. The latest innovations in PowerVM ™ virtualization, such as moving partitions in real time between servers allows optimum consolidation architectures. Reducing operating costs and energy consumption, Escala servers respond to both economic and environmental issues in the data center.

Based on its strong expertise in AIX ™ and its competence in virtualization, consolidation and business continuity, Bull combines the advantages of Bull Escala servers and high availability software such as Bull ARF (Application Roll-over Facility) to provide customers with high availability solutions for critical applications and databases. These solutions have been designed with the objective of ease of maintenance while protecting economic and environmental interests.


Brochure virtualisation Escala
Escala Virtualization brochure > Virtualization at the service of consolidation

Livre blanc La Haute Disponibilité pour les Serveurs Unix
High availability for Unix servers > Ensure service availability while combining economic ans environmental interests

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