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A complete portfolio of professional services

Our HPC service teams offer the required competence and experience to support the design, installation, operation, management, and continuous improvement of HPC infrastructures.

As a standard part of the installation process, Atos provides on-site, tailored, workshop training for the system administration team. The Extreme Computing Competence Center delivers on request a range of advanced training programs for HPC users and HPC developers.

To help optimize data Center design, Atos can offer a whole range of expertise such as the simulation of an entire computing suite, including air flows for optimum cooling, and modeled cable routes and rack locations.

The Fast Start program reduces the “time to first result” to almost zero, and ensures that users will be able to use their supercomputer efficiently from day one, by porting, optimizing and configuring applications well ahead of system delivery.

Center for Excellence in Parallel Programming

Unleash the performance of your HPC applications


Gone are the days when HPC users could rely on the progress of processor technologies to painlessly increase the performance of their applications. Today, the multiplication of compute cores, both in CPUs or through the addition of accelerators or coprocessors, means that a real optimization effort is required to make the most out of many-core technologies.

The Center for Excellence in Parallel Programming (CEPP), operated in partnership with Intel, can help you ensure that your applications fully leverage the computing power and energy savings brought by many-core technologies.

The Centre for Excellence in Parallel Programming provides a large portfolio of services, from analysis, consulting, parallelization, to optimization of application codes.

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Unleash the performance of your HPC applications

To be efficient in the Petascale era and beyond, applications must be optimized for highly parallel computer architectures. The Center for Excellence in Parallel Programming helps companies and scientists crack this massive problem. Read the White Paper

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Xavier Vigouroux
Xavier Vigouroux
Director of the Center for Excellence in Parallel Programming, Atos