"Getting started" training for administrators
and customized focused training sessions
for HPC users and developers

As a standard part of the installation process, Bull provides on-site, tailored, workshop training for the system administration team. Our standard training program includes a presentation of the hardware and an overview of the bullx supercomputer suite. The training contents can be tailored to the customer's needs and include different modules depending on user roles (i.e. system administrators and end-users), tasks (such as performance tuning) and experience.

The Bull Extreme Computing Competence Center delivers on request a range of advanced training programmes for HPC users and HPC developers.

For example, their 3-day "Software Development Environment" training has been much appreciated by many customers. The objective of this session is to enable developpers to get the best performance out of their system.

The training is conducted by Bull HPC Competence Center experts, and includes presentations and labs. It prepares developers who already have some experience in parallelisation and a knowledge of the machine architecture for their first steps in performance tuning:

  • porting and optimizing code,
  • implementing basic measurements,
  • using profiling and debugging tools.



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Bull sponsors the UberCloud HPC Experiment

This free and voluntary HPC Experiment brings industry end users and service providers together to explore technical computing as a service.

April 2013
L'Usine Nouvelle - Simulation, the French Touch

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