Hardware Security Module

Le HSM TrustWay Proteccio
obtient la certification
Critères Communs EAL4+


Atos reçoit le label 
"France Cybersecurity"
pour son offre Evidian
Access Management





BEN Marine



Navigation instruments

bullion server

L'espace le plus innovant pour
travailler vos données
en temps réel.

Découvrez bullion, une gamme
de serveurs performante
et modulaire.

Real-time Analytics - Finance

Real-time Analytics Appliance for timely decision-making in finance!

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RT : . will be at #ARMSummit with a paper from Leonardo Fialho https://t.co/QUIQM4yaLo
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CardOS® DI V5.3, our smart card operating system is compliant w/ ePassport ICAO standard! https://t.co/UEpkTJVSIm https://t.co/zPDoHyLbLp
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RT : S4in2: Why HANA is Essential to ERP I RT https://t.co/QBRpB0IVhK #SAP #SAP4HANA https://t.co/chBuV64mIH
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End-to-end solution for successful #SAP #HANA deployments in the most critical environments. https://t.co/V7uKtRigEB https://t.co/cIwXafT7mW
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