Hardware Security Module

Le HSM TrustWay Proteccio
obtient la certification
Critères Communs EAL4+


Atos reçoit le label 
"France Cybersecurity"
pour son offre Evidian
Access Management





BEN Marine



Navigation instruments

bullion server

L'espace le plus innovant pour
travailler vos données
en temps réel.

Découvrez bullion, une gamme
de serveurs performante
et modulaire.

Real-time Analytics - Finance

Real-time Analytics Appliance for timely decision-making in finance!

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Bull @Bull_com
We developed a new battle management system for the French army, using new & agile #methodologies https://t.co/J2mYyiJ8y3
Bull @Bull_com
Is your #DataCenter ready for the extensive #digitalizaton and optimized for this challange? https://t.co/9St1YBfPEw https://t.co/oRaDcQzkxZ
Bull @Bull_com
RT : EuroPar 2016 starts today in Grenoble, sponsored by . Meet the speakers! https://t.co/qdkLiRj2Ed https://t.co/DdoQEs1l2P
Bull @Bull_com
Yesterday’s applications becoming a force for the future - #ITmodernization #bigdata #liber https://t.co/NCwk4DPVFp https://t.co/cqQZvRBgTp
Bull @Bull_com
Going to implement a new #SAP #HANA #inmemory infrastructure? Get best practices: ==> https://t.co/6ntm3SsOIv https://t.co/7H3pcbMG4l
Bull @Bull_com
Commercial #HPC Software Licensing in the Cloud - #eXtremeFactory - Download the White Paper https://t.co/MBMXJOA4Kc https://t.co/ldqlHZbDhT
Bull @Bull_com
Scaling HPC applications to the next level of performance. #hpc #exascale #BXI #ASIC https://t.co/bQ2F4TdRsj https://t.co/zixVaT0VPI
Bull @Bull_com
Timely decision-making in Finance! #FRTB #Finance #Analytics #bigdata https://t.co/H6I7fzXLrE https://t.co/L3wbpzqH6R
Bull @Bull_com
Solve classical #Java performance or capacity problems with #JavaBooster. #inmemory enabling https://t.co/j8o7qLL3w7 https://t.co/NVDIRXW5Xu
Bull @Bull_com
The open #exascale-class supercomputer - Bull #sequana: live innovation to the fullest. #hpc https://t.co/vihppr5MIo https://t.co/uBnYCA37f3


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