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"France Cybersecurity"
pour son offre Evidian
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bullion server

L'espace le plus innovant pour
travailler vos données
en temps réel.

Découvrez bullion, une gamme
de serveurs performante
et modulaire.

Real-time Analytics - Finance

Real-time Analytics Appliance for timely decision-making in finance!

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Bull @Bull_com
The #DataLake appliance to make it simple! #bigdata - Get insights ==> https://t.co/pMAHg2HN3A https://t.co/zcam0KKeA5
Bull @Bull_com
Being at #GTC16eu Sept 28? Don't miss the talk of Xavier VIGOUROUX : "NVIDIA GPUs at Work in Bull HPC systems"… https://t.co/IFnaqyYAsi
Bull @Bull_com
See you tomorrow at #GTC16Eu for insights about our new open #exascale-class #supercomputers - #gpu #deeplearning… https://t.co/EcXgKm3tjh
Bull @Bull_com
More and more needs in #cybersecurity? Opening of a new #Security Operations Center (SOC) in Europe… https://t.co/P1bdkhRaaZ
Bull @Bull_com
RT : Charles Piron at #DigitalExperts Day: "IoT Automative Security requires unrivalled Digital Expertise from… https://t.co/cpJfFRg7oW
Bull @Bull_com
RT : Charles Piron " leveraging technologies is securing the LoRa #IoT Network of ."… https://t.co/ilPLwTu9MS
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RT : New, fresh and trendy: check out our new #AtosITChallenge website! Join the 2017 competition now!… https://t.co/dzxwYfTpF5
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Opening of a new #Security Operations Center for a better service in #cybersecurity expertise & global protection… https://t.co/KKoTdXYhLw
Bull @Bull_com
Deploy your #DeepLearning project on sequana at extra large scale. Will we see you at #GTC16eu on Wednesday?… https://t.co/V40MPv8vYa
Bull @Bull_com
#DevOps Everywhere - "Choice between speed and risk?" via https://t.co/V6EOLT6uMk https://t.co/TxGIJJgpXq


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