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bullion server

L'espace le plus innovant pour
travailler vos données
en temps réel.

Découvrez bullion, une gamme
de serveurs performante
et modulaire.

Real-time Analytics

for timely decision-making
in finance!

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Bull @Bull_com
University of Reims () organizes this week a two days #DeepLearning "school" together with its par… https://t.co/3EzaXPEJ4d
Bull @Bull_com
D-15: will be at #ele16 the World's Leading Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems & Applications! We… https://t.co/Nki04qn4eQ
Bull @Bull_com
Big Data and Precision Medicine conference. Don't miss to registrate ==> https://t.co/dHm6G6cwXz #genomics #hpc… https://t.co/BP23fjXx9y
Bull @Bull_com
Need a proof of the card holder's identity? It's easy with our CardOS #smartcard certified #CommonCriteria EAL4+ https://t.co/Ehv6d6Dbs9
Bull @Bull_com
Willing to fight against #cyberattacks? We're here to help! Learn how to build your own cryptographic appliance -->… https://t.co/KtSrgR3dN3
Bull @Bull_com
Our Italian #AtosTeam was yesterday at #SapForum Milan presenting the Best #Infrastructure for #SAP #HANA,- the… https://t.co/SvXLnzm97f
Bull @Bull_com
Only 60% of management time is spent on productive activities. Could we do better? https://t.co/O8wyVrNx9a https://t.co/2BEoJhexKO
Bull @Bull_com
Curious to see what the most secure smartphone in the world looks like? Come to find the Hoox on Atos booth 446 at… https://t.co/IuGnYNppKQ
Bull @Bull_com
We have with & created the "Industrial #Data #Analytics & #MachineLearning" Chair… https://t.co/KfUuo4rxOH
Bull @Bull_com
Pay-per-use! Get access to made-to-measure #Supercomputing resources. How-to? ==> https://t.co/p6SZO1J0tP #hpc… https://t.co/neHWSBUPmb


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