Hardware Security Module

Le HSM TrustWay Proteccio
obtient la certification
Critères Communs EAL4+


Atos reçoit le label 
"France Cybersecurity"
pour son offre Evidian
Access Management

JavaBooster by bullion

Break Java limits and go real-time!


Bull Drone Shield

Créez des zones d’interdiction aérienne avec Bull Drone Shield pour protéger vos sites sensibles de l’intrusion de drones.


bullion server

L'espace le plus innovant pour
travailler vos données
en temps réel.

Découvrez bullion, une gamme
de serveurs performante
et modulaire.

Real-time Analytics - Finance

Real-time Analytics Appliance for timely decision-making in finance!

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Bull @Bull_com
Regardless of weather, today and tomorrow we're welcoming the #Security Summit at in Bezons with our partners! https://t.co/qnrHPlVR3L
Bull @Bull_com
bullion servers - the most innovative workspace for #bigdata and #inmemory computing https://t.co/SyRmIHPEjf https://t.co/GOsyTJewwZ
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RT : More #data than grains of sand on the planet via Thierry Breton #ExtremeComputing #HPC https://t.co/gmQgl9AFw2 https://t.co/9KrAZYV0TB
Bull @Bull_com
#exascale is much more than just a step up in #performance, it's a total change of magnitude https://t.co/Y8NrAMR9eg https://t.co/ecLxc0a6At
Bull @Bull_com
#JavaBooster - Break #Java limits and go #RealTime Large scale #inmemory computing #bigdata https://t.co/7QOuUoB9Gi https://t.co/J44txKFGFF
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Learn about Bull's HPC-as-a-Service offer, #eXtremeFactory, at our booth at #ISC16 #hpc https://t.co/kAmu9jcEnk https://t.co/NSLMjXHo5u
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Make #DataAnalytics simple with Bull's #BigData 'Solution in a box' appliance - #AtosCodex https://t.co/RcfwVBcq22 https://t.co/EIwQOhZB7r
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Thinking of visiting #London ? Take the opportunity to come and meet us at #Infosec on our stand D200 from June 7 to 9 at the Olympia !
Bull @Bull_com
Join us at #TERATEC Forum June 28-29 for latest news on Bull's #eXtremeComputing offers #hpc https://t.co/jnNho9EaNo https://t.co/0orAYjWyfA
Bull @Bull_com
Over the next three months, 300,000 #accreditations will be issued in total at #Rio2016 https://t.co/IQRIUBMPFi https://t.co/NFnOOhJas9


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