The world has never before been hit by such a dramatic and devastating economic crisis. Faced with an environment marked by insecurity and instability - where fundamental economic values and models are being called into question - businesses have to contend with a difficult present and an uncertain future. Speed, flexibility, control... but above all innovation are becoming absolutely essential as a positive means to overcome the crisis. As a major player in information technology, Bull intends to play its part in this revolution.

With NEXT >>, Bull is committed to working alongside with you, and to offering you a concrete, pragmatic roadmap and actions to help you ensure that your information systems actively help you get through the crisis and prepare for the future.

Discover the NEXT >> program.

Business Management

Unified information management gives you 360° control of your business >


Computer simulation opens up new horizons >


Social networking and Open Source: make the most of collective intelligence >


Green IT: combine financial performance and sustainable development >


Outsourcing, SAAS, cloud computing: towards on-demand IT >

The NEXT >> program is a modular approach, delivering 'quick wins' through its range of initial audits, a precise road-map with personalized support, and concrete objectives. Thanks to NEXT >> organizations will benefit from rapid ROI, as well as long-term drivers for growth. This revolutionary program helps enterprises consolidate what they already have, and invest in their futures: an excellent springboard for escaping the current crisis.

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NEXT>> program
Bull ensures information technology will actively help business through the economic crisis

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