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10 key reasons to choose Bull for IT high availability

  1. Bull’s expertise in IT infrastructure: Unique understanding of the whole infrastructure life-cycle
  2. Experience on large-scale global projects: Capitalize on proven know-how gained on the world’s biggest projects
  3. Business-centered approach: Your business is unique. Implement the security solution with the best fit
  4. Expert understanding of the whole project life-cycle: From initial audit to implementation: a comprehensive service
  5. Proven methodologies: ISO 2700x, PCI-DSS… you can depend on standards-based approaches
  6. High-caliber experts: Who better than an internationally renowned expert to advise you?
  7. Close partnerships with other leading industry players: Bringing together the best solutions, with the best advice
  8. Total understanding of security management technologies: Why settle for anything less? Demand independence, reliability and performance
  9. Security management and administration: Implementing security is a good thing: with Bull you can go one better and really take control!
  10. Approach focused on ROI: Your budgets are precious. Invest them wisely!

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By François Boulet, CEO of Coreso
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