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Discover Hoox m2, the first integrally secured European smartphone. The Hoox range of secure mobiles and smartphones ensures confidentiality of voice, SMS, e-mail and data communication.

Hoox : native mobile security

The Hoox range phones are designed to provide a very high level of security.  Controlled communication ports, strong authentication, hardware encryption: the whole smartphone is designed to protect your privacy.

Security experts know it : your protection is as strong as its weakest link. It does no good to lock your front door if your windows stay open…

This is why Bull has empowered its Hoox phones with highly efficient encryption technologies and anti-intrusion protection. This protects not only each link, but also the entire security chain. Hardware, operating system and the various software layers are designed to deliver a high level of security.

  • Controlled applications
  • Hardened operating system
  • Secure access and boot
  • Certified components
  • Encrypted communications
  • Encrypted data on the phone

Phone calls, SMS, emails and all other data travel encrypted, which ensures the safety of  information exchange. On your phone, stored data, applications and operating system are systematically protected in terms of confidentiality and integrity.

A Hoox phone verifies the identity of its user via strong authentication: mutual cryptographic authentication, security code - or biometrics  for the Hoox m2. To protect your phone against malwares, all accesses to the terminal are verified and the communication ports are strictly controlled.

The result: a very high degree of privacy for data exchange and for the information residing on the phone.


Hoox : sovereign security

The Hoox range offers flawless conception and governance. The Hoox secure phones are designed by Bull and its ecosystem of French partners. Once in your hands , Hoox allows you to fully control your security. Thus, no information leaves your organization without your consent.

Control your information flow

The Hoox range is ‘all inclusive’. It is delivered with fully equipped administrative and communication features, along with services for training, installation and implementation. Everything can be up-and-running very quickly.

The Hoox phones are non-intrusive. They easily integrates into your existing information system: email, directory and telephone exchange. You are free to keep your existing telecom operator. With the Hoox range, you control the information assets of your business.

Hoox phones encrypt voice calls and SMS communications from end-to-end. A secure communication channel allows the exchange of emails and data in a secured manner, respecting your security policy for Internet access.

Turnkey central administration

Daily monitoring is easy, secure and centralized. You can manage the phones remotely using an MDM (mobile device management) function delivered with the solution.

The administration of your Hoox phones is based on a strict management of rights, permissions and applications. All data flows are controlled via your own organization.


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Hoox : security for professionals

Bull’s Hoox range was specifically created for businesses and government organizations. Users benefit from phones that are powerful, functional and have a long battery life. Organizations can easily manage their Hoox fleet with a ready-to-use trusted environment

Two phones for 2 types of use

The Bull Hoox range includes two mutually compatible phones. The Hoox m2 smartphone is a tool for professionals that share sensitive data on a daily basis. With the Hoox m1 mobile, you can manage a fleet of phones and temporarily assign them for sensitive trips or for the duration of a critical project.

Hoox m1 and Hoox m2 can exchange calls and text messages between them. You manage both models with the same administration and security environment. Data transits through the same security gateway. Thus, you can start by deploying one Hoox model and expand your fleet with the other model later on.


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