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Discover Hoox m2

The Hoox range of secure mobiles and smartphones ensures confidentiality of voice, SMS, e-mail and data communication
Hoox - sovereign security

Control your information flow

The Hoox range is ‘all inclusive’. It is delivered with fully equipped administrative and communication features, along with services for training, installation and implementation. Everything can be up-and-running very quickly.

The Hoox phones are non-intrusive. They easily integrates into your existing information system: email, directory and telephone exchange. You are free to keep your existing telecom operator. With the Hoox range, you control the information assets of your business.

Hoox phones encrypt voice calls and SMS communications from end-to-end. A secure communication channel allows the exchange of emails and data in a secured manner, respecting your security policy for Internet access.

Turnkey central administration

Daily monitoring is easy, secure and centralized. You can manage the phones remotely using an MDM (mobile device management) function delivered with the solution.

The administration of your Hoox phones is based on a strict management of rights, permissions and applications. All data flows are controlled via your own organization.

Central administration

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