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Discover Hoox m2

The Hoox range of secure mobiles and smartphones ensures confidentiality of voice, SMS, e-mail and data communication

Bull Hoox - The range of professional

Two phones for 2 types of use

The Bull Hoox range includes two mutually compatible phones. The Hoox m2 smartphone is a tool for professionals that share sensitive data on a daily basis. With the Hoox m1 mobile, you can manage a fleet of phones and temporarily assign them for sensitive trips or for the duration of a critical project.

Hoox m1 and Hoox m2 can exchange calls and text messages between them. You manage both models with the same administration and security environment. Data transits through the same security gateway. Thus, you can start by deploying one Hoox model and expand your fleet with the other model later on.

Hoox m2
Hoox m1
Hoox m2
Hoox m1


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Native security

Secure voice and SMS

Secure e-mail and web


140x69x10 mm
112x49x13 mm




4,7 "
2,2 "

Integrated VPN

Hardware encryption

Operating system

Based on Android

Security code


3G / 2G

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Subscription compatibility

Voice and data
Voice and data

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