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ICT - Electronics for critical systems

Bull, as a leading provider of critical systems, offers high-level solutions and services that draw on a combination of technical skills (in microelectronics and electronics, embedded systems…) and industry sector know-how (in transport, energy, critical infrastructures, aerospace, healthcare, seaborne and defense systems…).

Every business sector is different, with its own standards, technical solutions (whether on-board or fixed), environmental constraints, requirements for mobility, resilience… all of which have to be taken into account to satisfy its demands.

Much more than just a systems integrator, Bull has positioned itself as a specialist in security, with the capability to build secure, made-to-measure systems – from start to finish – that perfectly address the real risks faced by the organization and the specific needs of the business and its activities.

Transport : Multi-disciplinary requirements

In the transport industry, Bull’s Amesys product line focuses its expertise on solutions to make road and rail transport more intelligent and connected.

The challenges : Multi-modal transport, mobility and safety

  • Rail transport in the European Union: extremely high safety requirements, particularly in comparison with road transport – safety integrity level (SIL)
  • Need for harmonious and consistent developments between different modes of transport, especially through ‘co-modality’, using each means of transport (terrestrial, maritime or air) for what it is best suited.
  • High demands for mobile solutions

Our solutions

  • PIES: video and audio broadcasting
  • Remote payments systems and ticketing solutions
  • Automated devices and on-board electronics (options for SIL 2, 3 or 4)
  • Radio communications
  • Transport on demand

Energy, industry, telecoms : Hi-tech physical measurement and protection solutions

Bull’s Amesys product line is a leader in electronics and secure automated devices as applied to industry, especially the nuclear power sector.

The challenges : Bespoke requirements and the need for hi-tech protection and measurement solutions

  • Highest safety requirements: compliance with very precise security standards and constraints depending on the environment (nuclear power, space…)
  • Automatically regulated actions as far as possible, especially where nuclear power is concerned
  • Solutions drawing on very diverse technological and environmental know-how

Our solutions

  • Automated devices and electronic security solutions
  • Industrial-scale command and data acquisition systems (SCADA)
  • Radio protection systems (RMS)
  • Ruggedized instrumentation and test benches for controlled environments
  • Waste matter management supervision station

Civil and military aviation : high-level security and safety requirements

Bull uses its in-depth expertise in meeting stringent requirements and its capacity for innovation, especially with its Amesys product line, to respond to the specific needs of the aerospace and defense industries.

The challenges : Extremely demanding standards and the need for resilient embedded solutions

  • ED-12C and DO-178C standards for civil aviation
  • Electronic hardware developments, to ED-80 or DO-254 standards
  • Five levels of DAL (Design Assurance)
  • GAM-EG13 in France, MIL-STD internationally

Our solutions : Innovative developments and embedded security hardware meeting the requisite standards

  • Design and delivery of on-board flight calculators and systems
  • Standards-compliant engineering and systems (SW/HW) to DO 254/DO 178 DAL A
  • SCADE developments
  • Simulation mechanisms and on-board in-flight/ground testing
  • Expertise in cards (Digibus, ARINC 429, 1553B, RS232, CAN, ARION)

Healthcare : Focusing on mobile treatment and in-service support

The challenges : Tele-medicine and e-identity

  • Refinement of communicating medical sensors and software platforms with the aim of helping patients with chronic conditions or contributing to their independence
  • Quality, high availability, reliability.

Our solutions : Development and implementation of

  • Electronic prostheses
  • Mobile power supplies
  • Medical imaging – 2D and 3D viewer systems
  • Digital mammography
  • Validation and integration of homeostasis software
  • Complying with current recommendations and standards, BPF and other health requirements

Merchant marine and seaborne sector : our technologies, proven over long term

With several decades of recognition and a presence in 35 countries, Bull and its Amesys product line (BEN Marine) is an expert in the design, manufacture and maintenance of electronic warfare and navigation equipment for the marine and defense markets.

The challenges :

  • Meeting defense standard requirements: irreproachable quality of supply
  • Measurement instruments vital for blind navigation
  • Extremely hostile environment

Our solutions :

  • Seaborne missile fire control system
  • Critical measures system
  • On-board testing equipment
  • Land-sea analysis and control systems

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