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ICT - Electronics for critical systems

Bull, as a leading provider of critical systems, offers high-level solutions and services that draw on a combination of technical skills (in microelectronics and electronics, embedded systems…) and industry sector know-how (in transport, energy, critical infrastructures, aerospace, healthcare, seaborne and defense systems…).

Security is a precise discipline: closely aligning with the operational environment; choosing perfectly compatible; having in-depth understanding of every aspect of the project… In order to design and implement solutions that offer the best possible levels of security and resilience it is essential to be able to call on a broad spectrum of technical skills, such as those offered by Bull.

Microelectronics & electronics

A unique practice in this area

  • In-depth knowledge of standards: RF DO- 254, SIL 2, 3 and 4
  • ASIC and FPGA design
    Analysis, design, development, implementation, on-going and corrective maintenance, support
    Available on fixed price terms or via a services center arrangement
  • Analog components    
    Sensors, analog/digital and digital/analog converters, microcontrollers…
    Modeling and specification: Logview, Matlab
    Design: Cadence, Mentor Graphics
    Low-voltage design, RF.
  • Power electronics
  • Ruggedized hardware and Tempest

Scientific, industrial, technical and embedded (on-board) software

An industrial-scale approach to high-added value, standards-compliant developments for aerospace, transport, defense…

  • DO-178 DAL A-E standards
  • Development of embedded operating systems Micro-processor programming
    Operating systems used: Android, Windows, Linux
  • Development of embedded software
    - Micro-processor programming: Java, C++, Assembler,
    - Digital signal processing: filtering, signal extraction...
  • Intelligent cards: drivers, programming in Java
  • Telecoms layers


  • Infrastructures and hardware for terrestrial networks
  • Microwave equipment
  • Wireless local loops, WiMax LTE freeband solutions and licensed bands of between 7 GHz and 80 GHz complying with SDH/ SDH-IP protocols
  • Optical solutions
  • Media convertors
  • SDH and IP multiplexors
  • Distributors
  • PMR solutions: TETRA, DMR
  • Applications for fixed, cellular and government networks
  • Partners: Red Line, Linkra, Telect, Tejas, Valiant

Methods and tools


  • Proven development methodologies
  • Use of management, traceability and testing tools for engineering complex critical systems.
    - Specification and design of new or replacement products, as part of obsolescence management  
    - Product engineering and design
    - Manufacturing engineering
    - Impact assessments, simulation and testing
    - Implementation of project and product lifecycles
    - Use and understanding of collaborative tools such as Telelogic DOORS, TAU and Synergy, CaliberRM, MagicDraw, Serena, viper


  • Design and development of test, simulation and training workbenches
  • Easi Tester

Systems Integration

These technical skills are constantly enhanced with the experience gained during live projects and sustained investment in research and innovation.

Bull is much more than just a systems integrator, positioning itself as a specialist in security, capable of building made-to-measure systems - from start to finish - that are perfectly in line with the reality of the risks being faced and the specific characteristics and situation of the organization and its activities. Whether, for example, this involves providing calculators of the aerospace industry, command and control solutions for vital infrastructures, secure communications for transport, site protection solutions…

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