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Meeting the new challenges of Customs and trade globalization

With the constant development of international trade, Customs Authorities face constant challenges to facilitate trade while at the same time enforcing regulations, protecting their citizens and adapting to frequently changing trade agreements. An expert in government information technology, Bull assists Customs Authorities in achieving their mission with global consulting, integration specific development capabilities and a software suite addressing their core business.


Taking new risks and challenges into account more rapidly, and building the defense technologies of tomorrow.

An expert in powerful, secure and mission-critical systems, infrastructures and applications, Bull and its subsidiary Amesys help defense and homeland security authorities and organizations take new risks into account, interoperate securely and react more quickly to fulfill their missions. From services (engineering and integration of complex hardware/software systems) to solutions, Bull helps leading players build the new defense technologies of tomorrow. The company has been involved in projects as diverse as the largest European supercomputers for nuclear [weapons] simulations, warship information systems, mobile tactical systems, remote processing of military devices and radar interceptors, among others.


Optimizing business process workflows and enforcing security for banking and insurance organizations.

Bull helps major banking and insurance organizations foster growth in a volatile market where flexibility and security are key, as are the capacity to asses risks, adapt to new business models and regulations. A specialist in secure, high-performance infrastructures, Bull helps banks and insurance organizations optimize and consolidate their Data Centers, develop new on-line services and Business Intelligence tools, comply with regulations, and enforce security and payment processes. As an integrator, Bull has led some of the largest finance security projects in Europe. Bull also provides off-the shelf security solutions including access control (Evidian), financial transaction security for EMV and magnetic stripe cards (Crypt2Pay) and on-line payment system solutions for debit, credit and e-purse cards (Monedia).

Healthcare and social services

Putting the patient-professional relationship at the heart of healthcare information systems.

In a healthcare market characterized by constant medical innovation, and expanding demands due to aging demographics, Bull helps healthcare and social bodies meet the challenge of delivering more while keeping costs under control with effective business processes. Bull is a European leader in mission-critical information systems for social security providers, hospitals and healthcare agencies. From IT consulting to outsourcing, from infrastructure platforms to applications, Bull helps healthcare organizations implement in-depth analysis and decision-support tools, break down the barriers between information systems, and contribute to the development of secure and cost-effective healthcare networks and home care systems.


Accelerating innovation, increasing business process efficiencies and integrating with partner supply chains.

In today's globalized world, Bull helps manufacturing and hi-tech industries face their numerous challenges: accelerating innovation and streamlining digital processes in a globalized economy. These include increasing business process efficiency to deal with the worldwide pressure on costs; increasing electronic integration with supply and distribution chains; accelerating the pace of innovation with digital simulation and mobile computing, to break into new markets or respond to new competitors; and enhancing Business Intelligence to better identify and respond to market evolutions. Bull also helps industries complying with new regulations. Dozens of the largest hi-tech companies in the Europe rely on innovative services and solutions from Bull.

Public sector

Helping public sector organizations put citizens and business at the heart of their processes.

In a rapidly moving digital economy and globalized world, governments and local authorities operate in an environment more and more characterized by rapid economic change, rising security and environmental concerns and a more demanding electorate. As a result, they face an unprecedented challenge to deliver better and more cost-effective services to both citizens and businesses, providing the public with greater levels of accountability and transparency. For many years, Bull has worked in partnership with central governments and local authorities across five continents to help them meet these challenges. Bull is recognized for its leading expertise in the evolution of infrastructures, secure on-line procedures, re-engineering information systems and aligning systems to new international demands.


Helping research go further in fundamental research and applied innovation

Across all fields of research and education – physics, chemistry, biosciences, earth and ocean sciences, mathematics, medicine, engineering… – researchers today face the same challenge: to keep pace with an unprecedented rate of innovation, boosted by the rapid progress of computing and simulation tools. Bull helps universities and research labs accelerate applied research and understanding of the universe with breakthrough Extreme Computing solutions and information systems that leave researchers free to innovate without limit. Leveraging an unparalleled range of Bull technologies and partner ecosystems, Bull solutions for research range from mid-size HPC systems for university departments to petaflop-scale supercomputers for ultimate research.


Helping retail companies face the challenges of the digital economy

The digital economy is fundamentally transforming retail, changing traditional geographic boundaries, the very economics of the distribution chain, and access to customers through the digital media. With a fast-paced society and faster-paced technological changes, customers want new, different and customized goods. At the same time, pressures on the back-office are mounting. Larger retailers, with their efficiencies of scale and international scope, are pushing prices down and slashing margins. Medium and smaller businesses are capitalizing on the opportunities provided by long-tail economics. A leader in mission-critical Data Centers, Business Intelligence, transaction security and the development of secure on-line services, Bull help numerous retail leaders in Europe meet the opportunities provided by this changing landscape to foster competitiveness and growth.


Helping telecoms and media companies develop their business and improve their infrastructure.

Today, both mobile and broadband markets (with VoIP and Quadruple Play) are shaping the transformation of the current telecoms business environment. The media industry is experiencing a period of unprecedented economic transformation and digital innovation. Competition is heating up. Businesses are consolidating. New opportunities and risks are rapidly emerging. A leader in telecoms and media systems integration, Bull delivers solutions to ISPs, fixed and mobile operators and media companies to accelerate the implementation of innovative and secure value-added services on NGN infrastructures. As a result, Bull creates customized solutions and services that help telecoms and media customers move forward and come out ahead in a transformed industry.

Transport and Energy

Aligning information systems to new priorities driven by deregulation.

The transport and energy sectors are changing rapidly today, as companies adapt to growing demand, a strong pressure on costs and new environmental constraints and regulations. Previously sacrosanct national boundaries are falling, as cross border investment progresses. Some players choose to reinforce the traditional integrated strength of owning the production and distribution chain. Others seek competitive advantage by concentrating on particular parts of it. In all cases, Bull provides powerful IT solutions and services that help transport and energy companies succeed in a competitive and changing marketplace: accelerating innovation and market analysis with Extreme Computing, and streamlining the enterprise resource planning (ERP) and delivery chain, from production to e-commerce.


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