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To ensure a long-term response to business challenges, keeping a constant, watchful eye on IT infrastructures

Management of IT

Today, it’s just not acceptable for applications or data to be unavailable. And while it is essential to be responsive to incidents, it is even better to actively mitigate the risks and know how to anticipate potential failures or degradation of service:

  • Unified monitoring of IT infrastructures: Vision services give IT departments an accurate view of IT service levels, avoiding the often-complex implementation of multiple monitoring and surveillance products. Information is gathered using non-intrusive tools and delivered dashboards to effectively control the Service level agreements

surveillance IT

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  • Industrial-scale high availability: with a dedicated industrial-scale organization, the HA Center, Bull provides access to the highest levels of technical support. These remote infrastructures monitoring and control services ensure that the highest levels of availability are maintained. HA 999 contracts guarantee annual availability of 99.9% or 99.99%. As part of this, Bull provides pan-European 24x7 remote surveillance options.
  • Service continuity: this critical service involves using not only specific resources (disaster recovery sites, high availability solutions…) but also dedicated procedures and organization structures: emergency operating procedures, degraded operation modes, crisis management cells, benchmark documentation… which are regularly and thoroughly tested. Bull advises on, defines and implements all the necessary resources, and oversees the technical systems, procedures and crisis management teams involved.
  • Unified maintenance: to optimize system availability, Bull offers comprehensive multi-vendor hardware and software support and maintenance services, that can be adapted to each customer’s unique environment: from the provision of ad hoc support right through to full service availability solutions with remote monitoring and 24x7 response.


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