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Boost your service levels
Bull Vision Services: Guaranteeing performance
so CIOs can focus on optimization
of the SLAs expected by the business

Bull Vision services

Unified monitoring of IT infrastructures: Bull Vision services give IT Departments an accurate view of service levels for each key element (storage capacity, back-up and restore operations, virtualized servers…), avoiding the often-complex implementation of multiple monitoring and surveillance products. Information is gathered using non-invasive tools and summarized on dashboards that let the IT Department monitor resource utilization, assess how events are affecting business applications and optimize performance and capacity  .

Unified monitoring



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Bull Vision servicesBull Vision services help CIOs and the operational teams guarantee they will deliver on their commitments and associated service levels

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Unified Supervision
unified supervision
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By Patrice Laigo, consultant and Nicolas Ducor, architect, High Availability Solutions, Bull
Transforming the IT Department
Vincent d'Ippolito
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Vincent d'Ippolito, Consultant at Bull Advisory Services


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