Boost your service levels
Bull Vision Services: Guaranteeing performance
so CIOs can focus on optimization
of the SLAs expected by the business

Unified monitoring in SaaS mode

Bull Vision services offer subscription-based unified monitoring, remotely, from the Bull Service Assurance Center. This global system management environment is based on a secure, high-availability infrastructure. An encrypted link is created between the customer site and the Service Assurance Center. The customer is billed only for the
services actually used. So businesses no longer have to worry about installation, training or regular updates for their systems administration solutions, but can instead concentrate their efforts on continually optimizing service levels.

From a responsive to a proactive approach
Bull Vision services provide a real-time snapshot of the ‘health’ of the information system and its infrastructure, presenting a consolidated view of how services are performing, identifying opportunities for optimizing capacity and supporting the IT Department as it implements best practice, especially when it comes to managing incidents and events. Bull Vision services are based around three key elements:

  • The production of alerts, dashboards and personalized reports,
  • A dedicated technical point of contact, to speed up problem resolution, correlate data and analyze trends
  • Access to expertise, to identify avenues for continuous improvement and put in place appropriate catalysts to ensure that SLAs can be anticipated and optimized


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Bull Vision servicesBull Vision services help CIOs and the operational teams guarantee they will deliver on their commitments and associated service levels

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unified supervision
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