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Shareholders meeting: 6 June 2014

Date : Friday 6 June 2014 at 3:00 PM CET
Place: Palais Brongniart, Salon d'Honneur, 40 rue Notre Dame des Victoires, 75002 Paris

Taking part in the Annual General Meeting

The Bull Annual General Meeting is held once a year. All shareholders may take part in the meeting no matter how many shares they own.

The right to take part and to vote by mail or to be represented at the meeting is subordinated to the accounting registration of shares in the name of the shareholder three working days prior to the meeting.

Two or three weeks prior to the date of the meeting, owners of fully-registered shares automatically receive an invitation file including at minimum: the day's agenda, the text of resolutions, a summary introduction, the financial results of the past five years and the list of current Board Members, as well as forms to vote by proxy, by mail and request additional documents and information.

Owners of bearer shares can request that the financial intermediary that holds their shares deliver them a certificate of participation that is sent to:

CACEIS Corporate Trust
Service Assemblées Générales Centralisées
14, rue Rouget de Lisle,
92862 Issy les Moulineaux Cedex 9

Owners of bearer shares may obtain the meeting's invitation documents and additional documents, as well as an entry card from CACEIS Corporate Trust, after undertaking the formalities to send the certificate of participation as indicated above.

Previous Shareholders meetings

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Shareholders meeting: 8 June 2012

Shareholders meeting: 8 June 2011

Shareholders meeting: 16 June 2010

Shareholders meeting: January 18, 2010

Results of 18 January 2010 Shareholders Meeting: massive support from shareholders for Bull strategy
• Very strong shareholder participation
• All resolutions approved by around 99%
• Acquisition of Amesys finalised>

January 18th presentation (french only) >
Results of the votes (french only)>

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