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Corporate governance

This summary of the corporate governance practiced by the Bull Group should be read in conjunction with the comprehensive information published in the Group's latest Reference Document, available to download from the Financial reports section of this Web site.


The statuts of "Bull" are available by clicking here (french only) >

Corporate governance code

At its meeting on 17 December 2008, the Board of Directors took note of the recommendations published by AFEP-MEDEF on 6 October 2008 relation to the remuneration of executive directors of listed companies.

The Board considered that these recommendations are in line with the company's approach to corporate governance and therefore decided to take the AFEP-MEDEF corporate governance code as the basis for producing this report, including the various recommendations of October 2003, January 2007 and October 2008 on directors' remuneration, which have been incorporated into the said Code.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of 8 directors and 2 observers (« censeurs »). The Board has adopted procedures which can be viewed by clicking on this link (French only) >


Board position Main other functions
Thierry BRETON Chairman of the Board, Board member Chairman and CEO of Atos
Philippe VANNIER CEO, Board member Chairman of Crescendo Industries
Charles DEHELLY Board member Senior Executive Vice President of Atos
Gilles GRAPINET Board member Senior Executive Vice President of Atos and CEO of Worldline
Edouard GUILLAUD Independent Board member Chairman and CEO of Odas company
Michel-Alain PROCH Board member Chief Financial Officer of Atos
Jean-François RAMBICUR Independent Board member Chairman of a NGO
Philippe VASSOR Independent Board member Chairman of Baignas company
Philippe MAREINE Observer (censeur) EVP Human Resources of Atos
MARC MEYER Observer (censeur) EVP Talents & Communications of Atos

Specialist committees

The Board is supported by two specialist committees: the Audit Committee and the People and Organization Committee.

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee plays a major role in the supervision and auditing of the group’s accounting and financial information, for which the company’s executive management is responsible.
Read the Audit Committee Internal charter >

The members who make up the Audit Committee are: 
- Philippe Vassor, independant member and president ;
- Charles Dehelly ;
- Michel-Alain Proch ;
- Philippe Mareine (observer).

The People and Organization Committee
In addition, it examines the independence of Directors according to pre-determined criteria set out above regarding the composition of the Board, and includes its findings in the company's Annual Report.
The Committee is responsible for making proposals to the Board on the variable aspects of the CEO's remuneration. It decides on the remuneration for the members of the Executive Committee.

The members who make up the People and Organisation Committee are:
- Jean-François Rambicur, independant member and president ;
- Thierry Breton ;
- Gilles Grapinet ;
- Marc Meyer (observer)

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