MONEDIA payment system solution

MONEDIA is a comprehensive payment system solution designed for online authorisation, switching, clearing and settlement processing for transactions with debit, credit and electronic purse cards. MONEDIA also provides full scope of card issuance and post-issuance card management functions. MONEDIA targets the financial institutions looking to implement an interbank project or a specific project. It also targets the retailing sector (hypermarkets, oil companies…).

In designing MONEDIA Bull benefited from a payment systems experience gained over the last twenty years, from the first smart card pilots in France up to the latest EMV roll-outs in Europe. MONEDIA was built using up-to-date technology with EMV specifications as the corner stone of the system’s design. It facilitates bank’s compliance with the new Visa and MasterCard mandates and, at the same time, go beyond regulatory compliance to enhance risk management, optimise processing costs and develop new business opportunities.

MONEDIA transaction processing and message switching engine was designed by the leading Bull experts in vertical integration of hardware, operating system, database and application software. Scalable pre-packaged offers with Bull servers and Oracle database provide robust high performance processing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bull, as a security expert recognised the world over, ensures complete end-to-end security of transaction processing in MONEDIA by using hardware security modules. Together with the full implementation of EMV security mechanisms, it guarantees a high protection of the system from the known security threats.

For card acceptance MONEDIA supports ATM and POS devices, branch tellers, telephone banking and Internet banking systems. Designing its card issuance program, customer can choose from a wide range of available card product including local, domestic or international debit/credit, prepaid or electronic purse cards based on magnetic strip or chip technology. For Visa or MasterCard members MONEDIA offers support of issuing and acquiring of EMV (VSDC and M/Chip) or magnetic stripe cards.

Typical examples of Bull solutions based on MONEDIA:

  • private ATM card used by the bank’s customers for cash withdrawal at the bank’s ATM’s;
  • private payment card (magnetic stripe or chip based, debit/credit card or electronic purse) used in shops, gas stations and other retail outlets to pay for goods and services using online or offline POS devices;
  • private or domestic card accepted within a group of banks that decided to share their ATM and POS networks;
  • issuing and/or acquiring of international debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard);
  • processing centre that provides processing services to issuers and acquirers of international, domestic and private cards.





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