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Multi-Channel Portal

Control digital space in all dimensions.
Hyper-connectivity, the new-generation Bull portal accelerates your online presence. User-focused, orchestrating all your business services, it adds dynamism to your customer relationship across all digital channels.

Backed by its privileged relationship with Liferay, the expertise of its development teams and the experience shared through its worldwide Services Centers and Skills Centers, Bull has developed an integration environment dedicated to new-generation Enterprise Portal projects.

PADS : Portal Application Design Suite

A solution that enables heterogeneous business applications to be integrated and combined within a Web portal. The solution is built using a structure of Open Source bricks (Liferay, Bonita, FuseESB, and Drools) and a set of integration components.

With an innovative architecture and wide functional coverage, the product comprises several integrated modules, packaged and ready to use (PADS-Portal, PADS-BPM, PADS-ESB) and a tool box supporting the life cycle of the product (IDE, Studio, CMS, Administration).


PADS Portal: Portal Integration

liferayWith PADS Portal, you have a portal giving access to a set of heterogeneous data and business applications. Providing a set of integration components, PADS Portal responds as well to major business challenges (integrated workstation, virtual office, user experience, productivity, access and sharing of data and information), as to the technical challenges of information systems (company ’Mashup’, integration, SOA architecture, access to resources, scalability, high availability).

PADS BPM: Orchestration of processes

bonitasoftPADS BPM automates processes and workflows, rationalises your business processes and information exchanges. PADS BPM provides process modelling and execution functions integrated in the portal, as well as a complete studio for defining and managing business processes (’Studio’ interface).

PADS ESB: Deployment of business applications

With PADS ESB, you integrate an integration approach into your site right from the design of your Portal. PADS ESB allows you to integrate and orchestrate business services and composite applications. PADS ESB simplifies design, development and deployment of interfaces between business services and optimises the synergy between channels

They love PADS

Why Information Systems Departments choose PADS

  1. Pre-integrate modules: reduces costs and deadlines
  2. Use flexible methods and tools: improves quality
  3. Integrated prototyping: improves user satisfaction
  4. Opening Open Source products: rapid integration of heterogeneous applications
  5. Basic functions centralised in the same environment: rapid deployment

Why Marketing Departments recommend PADS

  1. Faster availability of: reduced time to market
  2. Agility in development: rapid deployment and updating of the product catalogue
  3. Integration of social network modules: improved internal communication tools
  4. Enhanced functionality: increased product sales and online services
  5. Improved user experience: greater loyalty.
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