With unified information management, take 360° control of your business
In the face of the storm, the quality of your control systems is vital. Being able to rapidly detect and anticipate new trends, identify opportunities, evaluate and avoid risks in real time are the absolutely imperatives for you, not just in terms of budgets, but also commercially and operationally. And that’s all the more true in a world where consumers have never been so unpredictable, where new players suddenly emerge from where you are least expecting them. Nowadays, mobile phone operators are starting to compete with traditional media, retailers with banks, telecoms suppliers with transport companies... And these kinds of changes are going to happen even faster. Many are preparing themselves for it. Against this backdrop of constant and profound turmoil, important business decisions still have to be made, at every level, day to day.

To achieve the necessary visibility of your business, it is essential to have effective real-time economic and business intelligence systems at your disposal. The majority of companies have already started out on this path, and many have sophisticated early-warning and management systems in place. All this means it is vital to have real-time economic intelligence and business control systems in place. But although the majority of businesses have implemented sophisticated early-warning and management systems, too often we are still seeing a fragmented, business activity or functional organization-based approach. Business Intelligence projects are too often conceived in ‘silos’, involve little sharing, disconnected from business processes... and do not always lead to successful decision-making. Because what they lack is a single, unified vision. The only one capable of providing a 360° scrutiny of the environment, of cross-fertilizing disparate pieces of information, of detecting the weakest of signals, which although apparently insignificant could prove crucial when it comes to financial management, marketing segmentation or sales development. But where do you start? A 360° analysis is essential to harmonize and optimize your decision-support systems. The affect on the business is usually astonishing. It’s a powerful catalyst for more effective control.

The challenge: real-time detection of risks and opportunities

The road map
So that your organization can be totally responsive and decisive, with a 360° view of its environment, information management has to combine optimum gathering and management of the data life-cycle with close co-ordination of Business Intelligence systems. Imperatives that not only impact your data management processes, but also your individual, functional or business unit decision-support tools.
Bull offers a comprehensive approach to help you prepare for and smooth the delivery of your information management and Business Intelligence projects.
Starting with the IT infrastructure itself, Bull offers information management optimization audits, working in partnership with GlassHouse, focused particularly on the data life-cycle. The aim is to enhance effectiveness, improve performance and reduce costs. As a pioneer in this market, Bull has also design a dedicated business intelligence analysis methodology: the 360° scoping study. This draws on Bull’s business consulting experience, as well as its expertise in large-scale Business Intelligence projects. Delivering rapid, and sometimes surprising results, these studies offer a pragmatic road-map for the eventual implementation of 360° information management. With all the advantages of a shared vision of your needs and the preconditions for success, you are in the best position to ensure the secure management of your information, with unified control over your Business Intelligence and optimum management of your data throughout its life cycle.

Where do you start?
The NEXT >> program from Bull provides a concrete road-map to help you achieve 360° control over your business, with unified information management. In the space of just a few weeks, a scoping study for Business Intelligence or storage enables you to map your requirements, analyze where your data is coming from, define a target architecture and put forward information management and unified BI implementation scenarios which can even take you as far as the development of a prototype. This approach makes it easier to reconcile the expectations of both the IT Department and business users in terms of information management and, thanks to an appropriate methodological framework, helps you deliver the project faster and more effectively.

Action: Find out for real what unified Business Intelligence and optimal storage management could do for your organization: request an interview with one of our Consultants, to define what the scoping study or storage audit could bring to your Business Intelligence or storage projects, with rapid ROI >>

Only Bull can offer... OPTIMUM DATA MANAGEMENT AND UNIFIED BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, a 360° approach to decision support, which provides both a functional and technical view of the Information lifecycle management system.

Bull consultants act as advisor, to help organizations ensure that their information systems are real drivers for value creation. Approaching from both a functional and a technical point of view, they identify pragmatic solutions that are carefully tuned to each business process. As a major integrator of Business Intelligence systems, Bull has built up a wealth of expertise dedicated to unified BI. And as a specialist in IT infrastructures, Bull also combines leading-edge expertise in storage technologies with its systems integration skills, to offer integrated data management consultancy services and solutions. As part of its 7i program, Bull has launched two major initiatives focused on storage and unified Business Intelligence.

To find out more about how Bull’s expertise on integrated information management could help your organization... explore expert opinions, Bull’s white paper on unified BI and the IDC/Bull research study on best practices in storage.

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NEXT>> program
Bull ensures information technology will actively help business through the economic crisis