With Open Source and social networking, make the most of collective intelligence
Organizations today are increasingly global and decentralized, as they open themselves up to an ecosystem of partners, suppliers and customers. The economic crisis will accelerate this move. Tomorrow, one of the key success factors will be an organization’s ability to structure, orchestrate and make the most of the communities to which it belongs: whether at the level of business relationships (through social networks), content (Enterprise 2.0) or technologies (Open Source). Through process of exchanging information, collaboration and natural selection applied to contributions, these communities encourage the emergence of ‘collective intelligence’, which in turn stimulates innovation, speeds up project development and improves quality.

Open Source is both the precursor and the best example of this kind of approach. Gartner estimates that 90% of software publishers are now incorporating Open Source components into their packages. Open Source becomes the hidden backbone of the software industry,” confirms Forrester, in a recent study published in conjunction with Bull. Open Source software is robust, practical, scalable and cost effective, and it can be found everywhere: from the most basic devices (such as Netbooks) to the most sophisticated systems (supercomputers). A great lever for reducing your costs and accelerate innovation. So how can your organization most effectively benefit from Open Source? The keys are governance and support. Now, thanks to industrialized Open Source offerings, you can benefit from the same level of commitment you would get with a proprietary solution, for no more than 40% of the cost, and with much greater adaptability. With ‘VirtualShore’, these collaborative principles can also be applied to the development of your business applications.

The challenge: strengthening business developments while reducing software costs to 40% of their original levels

The road map
When considering using Open Source, IT Departments have always feared the lack of a single point of contact and the commitment provided by an SLA. As a pioneer in Open Source, Bull has responded to this need with Open Energy™, an innovative offering which effectively brings together all its expertise in Open Source (consulting, migration, development, integration, support...). In addition, today Bull is also announcing the launch of its Open Source Essentials, 20 ready-to-run solutions designed to reduce software costs and enhance business competitiveness in this time of crisis. Compared with proprietary software, evaluating the Open Source alternatives means you can rapidly identify potential areas of cost savings: whether you are looking for infrastructure software, business applications or office automation. For a comparable TCO (taking the integration and support costs involved in using Open Source on an industrial scale into account), the savings in terms of software licenses and support often amount to more than 60%. Using ‘VirtualShore’ can also result in an average 30% improvement in project efficiency. With resources such as Open Energy and the Open Source Essentials, evaluation and implementation can take less than a few months, resulting in rapid ROI.

Where do you start?
Whether for an existing infrastructure or a totally new project, evaluating the possible Open Source alternatives at every level (operating system, database, application server, portal, Business Intelligence system...) is the essential first step. As part of the NEXT >> program, Bull’s consultants, with their in-depth Open Source expertise, can help save you time in this strategic thought process. During implementation, Bull offers a range of integration and support services that is unique in Europe, enabling you to use Open Source with the same level of professionalism and support that are available with equivalent proprietary solutions, but at around 40% of their cost. Bull also offers VirtualShore tools and services, to support this pioneering concept which it originally created.

Action: Find out for real whether Open Source is right for your organization, evaluate the most appropriate solutions for your needs with Open Source Essentials, find out more about VirtualShore, and request a free interview with a Bull consultant engineer?

Only Bull can offer... OPEN ENERGY, expertise in Open Source that is unique in Europe, from infrastructure to business applications, across all areas: consulting, migration, software developments, integration and support.

What’s more, Bull offers ‘Open Source Essentials’: a selection of the very best open solutions (in Business Intelligence, BPM, Groupware, databases...) along with professional support services. The aim? To support innovation and reduce costs, which maintaining the same levels of quality as proprietary solutions. Bull has also brought together the best collaborative development tools from the Open Source world to enhance productivity on specific development projects. Combining all the advantages of in-shore, near-shore and off-shore development, this optimized ‘VIRTUALSHORE’ approach is a powerful driver for optimizing internal projects or those involving sub-contractors at Bull.
To find out more about what Bull’s expertise in Open Source and the VirtualShore approach could do for your organization... explore the exclusive Forrester/Bull research study and guide to open software, as well as white papers, WebCasts and expert opinions >>

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