Green IT: combine financial performance and sustainable development
Historically, information systems have always grown as a series of successive layers, built up as your business and technology advanced. But with the current economic, environmental and energy crisis, all that is set to change. Today, information systems worldwide already account for a carbon footprint equivalent to the aviation industry. Of course, they enable on-line information exchange, and so reduce the carbon footprint of numerous business processes. But their energy consumption is growing by 20% a year. What’s more, every euro or dollar that you invest in your systems creates a further ¢50 in energy costs. And that’s not just an environmental challenge but also a financial one.

Future environmental and regulatory constraints will require even greater effort. However, new virtualization and consolidation technologies now allow you to optimize systems by between 40% and 70%. Tomorrow’s Data Center will have to reconcile three key, interrelated factors. It will need to be flexible enough to adapt to very rapid changes in business, deliver the level of performance that users expect, and minimize its energy consumption. So the future lies in the optimized Data Center, a veritable ‘IT factory’.The aim: to provide information systems that are not only more powerful and flexible, but also more cost-effective. The very heart of the sustainable enterprise.

The challenge: reduce Data Center operating costs by 30% to 60%, while improving performance

The road map
In the age of virtualized infrastructures and Green Computing – over and above the progress made in hardware design – implementing operational best practice enables the optimization of the Data Center, by combining topological optimization, intelligent energy management and tight management of SLA criteria. The aim is to reduce operating costs by almost 30% to 60%.
As a pioneer in Green IT, Bull has designed its BioDataCenter offering, which provides a holistic answer to this challenge. A highly pragmatic approach, enriched by Bull’s extensive experience, the BioDataCenter is a unique and comprehensive range of technologies, tools and services (consolidation, virtualization, systems administration, automated control…). It is based around three key principles: meeting agreed service levels, by automating processes; effectively managing Data Center topology and heterogeneous systems; and reducing the carbon footprint.
In just a few weeks, a Data Center audit (covering servers, storage, applications, interdependencies, operating processes…) enables areas of energy wastage to be evaluated and the key priorities for optimization to be identified. In the space of a year to 18 months, implementing energy optimization, virtualization and consolidation technologies, along with advanced system control tools, means your hardware investments can be fully optimized and your energy consumption and operating costs can be reduced by at least 30%. And all while delivering at least the same or even better performance.

Where do you start?
An audit is an excellent starting point for Data Center optimization. As part of the NEXT>> program, in around a month, it can help you identify both technological and energy savings. Based on a proven methodology developed in conjunction with partners including Schneider Electric, it consists of several stages: IT inventory; identifying economies of scale; measuring energy efficiency; validating savings opportunities; and making recommendations for an optimization strategy. The result is a clear plan for Data Center optimization and cost reductions of up to 30%-60%

Action: Request an interview with a Bull consultant, to find out how an energy audit, virtualization or service quality management could help your organization achieve rapid ROI for your Data Center >>

Only Bull can offer...the BIODATACENTER

With its BioDataCenter concept, Bull is one of the pioneers in the design of the industrial-scale, green Data Centers of the future. In order to deliver cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions for its customers, Bull has also gathered around it a network of partners who are themselves resolutely committed to promoting greener computing, such as Intel and SAP for enterprise applications.
And finally, along with Schneider Electric, Bull has launched an innovative Data Center energy optimization offering. In the space of just a few weeks, this enables customers to identify areas where they may be wasting money, and establish concrete areas for improvement. By combining flexibility, performance and energy conservation, the BioDataCenter is well placed to support businesses as they transform themselves, while at the same time addressing today’s major financial and environmental challenges.

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