With computer simulation, open up new horizons
In times of crisis, the biggest risk is retreating back into one’s shell. You’re happy just to cut costs and wait for the storm to pass. But that’s a risky strategy. Because a crisis itself is a great catalyst for change. New entrants are desperately looking for springboards for growth... in your markets! And your customers are ready to change their usual ways of doing things. In addition, with computer technology now everywhere in our lives, the revolution in nano- and bio technologies, and the growing ecological challenges we face, our environment is going to undergo significant change. A simple defensive policy of cost cutting will not be enough to thrive in this new world order: innovation will be the key to success.

But that innovation will have to be concrete, rapid and operationally-focused, in order to minimize time-to-market and meet customers’ needs immediately. Computer simulation is rapidly establishing itself as the essential tool when it comes to innovating more extensively, faster and cost-effectively. Because it enables even the most complex of equations to be solved and the most sophisticated models to be analyzed, High-Performance Computing (Extreme Computing) is opening up new horizons for organizations in every sector of the economy: from healthcare to energy, plant science to finance, transport to construction. Thanks to it, you can optimize your business processes, create new ways of using your products or services, draw out and capitalize on the best ideas from your whole business ecosystem. And when it comes to R&D itself, computer simulation is a formidable accelerating factor. Conceiving the energy sources of the future, cutting industrial design times in half, making it much easier to create new pharmaceutical components... all this is becoming a real possibility. Until now, computer simulation has been the exclusive preserve of the largest research centers. But today its use is becoming much more widespread as it finally becomes more and more accessible to SMEs. A formidable catalyst to help your business grow.

The challenge: innovation at twice the speed

The road map
Bull has designed some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. Now, Bull is ensuring that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) have access to all this expertise. From small-scale multi-core computing systems for consulting firms or SMEs (allowing them, for example, to model an industrial product and its applications) to huge systems for advanced research centers (in molecular biology, nuclear energy...), the implementation of high-performance computing (Extreme Computing) solutions is well established. What’s more, even though turnkey Extreme Computing solutions (including hardware and applications) can be rapidly deployed, Bull is also developing an innovative approach of Extreme Computing on Demand, which will provide completely flexible on-line access to computing power. Depending on your needs, you can implement Extreme Computing solutions on your own premises or remotely. Deployment is very fast for the simplest configurations, taking as little as a few weeks. Giving a significant boost to the speed of the innovation process, with rapid, tangible results.

Where do you start?
As part of the NEXT >> program from Bull, find out more about the pragmatic road-map that can help double the speed of your innovation, thanks to computer simulation. In the space of just a few hours, an interview with one of Bull’s Extreme Computing experts will help you to determine what Extreme Computing could do for your organization, based on concrete feasibility criteria. This approach gives you the key building blocks to choose your target scenario, with clearly visible benefits and drivers for optimization. What’s more, depending on your kinds of requirements, Bull can offer a range of pre-integrated, ready-to-run solutions and even ‘Extreme Computing on Demand’.

Action: Find out for real what Extreme Computing could do for your organization, and request your free interview with a Bull consultant engineer >>


As the designer and manufacturer of some of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe and worldwide, Bull has also built up unique expertise in making Extreme Computing available to all, through solutions and services delivered on customers’ own premises (personalized systems, integration services) or on demand. In addition, Bull has developed close partnerships with producers of industry-specific software (in energy, aeronautics, automotive, pharmaceuticals…), to provide turnkey business solutions.

To find out more about how Bull’s expertise in Extreme Computing could help your organization... explore the white papers, customer case studies and expert opinions >>

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