Outsourcing, SAAS, cloud computing: towards on-demand IT
Control and flexibility: the watchwords of the current crisis. Today, and even more so in the future, the enterprises that excel in the international competitive landscape will be those that really understand how to outclass everyone else in their core business, and to surround themselves with the best partners for everything else. Hosting, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud computing… in the IT arena, this move towards working with specialist external partners is already widespread. One of the key drivers of your future performance.

With greater industrialization, automation and sharing of the systems involved, it can not only offer vital contractual guarantees relating to costs and service levels, as well as the reassurance that access to state-of-the-art resources, technologies and practices is always available. It also offers one very powerful advantage, flexibility: backed by the commitment of an SLA, increased power on demand, and conversion of capital expenditure into on-going operating costs. That means you have total control over your budgets, and you have the option of constantly varying your operating costs as a function of your business needs. You can easily apply the brakes or – conversely – put your foot on the accelerator! A great advantage in such a volatile market.

A concrete challenge: to transform capital expenditure (CAPEX) into operating costs (OPEX), for more effective financial management and control

The road map
Contrary to received opinion, outsourcing does not necessarily have to be a long and complicated process. Bull was one of the first suppliers to offer a flexible approach to outsourcing: providing anything from outsourced support services to third-party application maintenance, from total outsourcing to computing on demand. The key advantage: a service tailored to your needs, offering pragmatic answers especially in these difficult times.
As a tried and tested model for IT governance, outsourcing allows you to constantly adapt to new service requirements from the business, while at the same time benefiting from powerful drivers for optimizing costs and quality. This approach also responds to highly specific requirements, such as managing variations in business activity, guaranteeing service continuity across different time zones, and providing access to specialist technical resources. Finally, because it is both selective and flexible, outsourcing can provide tailored responses to your needs within an IT governance framework that aligns with recognized industry standards such as ITIL and e-SCM. In the space of just a few weeks, an initial analysis followed by a feasibility study enables the potential advantages and ROI of outsourcing to be evaluated, and possible scenarios for your business to be targeted: from the provision of a simple computing service to the outsourcing of an entire application department.

Where do you start?
As part of the NEXT >> program from Bull, find out more about a pragmatic road-map to help you control and regulate your costs, by converting capital expenditure into operating costs. Taking just a few hours, an interview with one of Bull’s outsourcing experts will help you to crystallize your thoughts on all forms of outsourcing (from external support services, to hosting or even full outsourcing), based on highly pragmatic feasibility criteria. This approach means the key elements can be assembled so that in the space of just a few weeks the target scenarios can be chosen, with a clear view of the potential savings and forces for optimization.

Action Find out for real whether flexible outsourcing is right for your organization, by requesting a free interview with a Bull consultant engineer >>

Only Bull can offer...FLEXIBLE OUTSOURCING

an approach to outsourcing which allows you to fine-tune service levels and offerings, with highly modular and flexible outsourcing scenarios, implementation of flexible parcels of work (external support services, hosting, outsourcing, HPC-On Demand… right through to complete outsourcing of your whole infrastructure). And Bull’s offering draws on the highest level of state-of-the-art, professional resources, capitalizing on the very best industry standards, energy sources, technologies, expertise and processes.
In order to ensure a high level of quality in the delivery of these services, Bull is committed to maintaining the excellence of its resources and Data Centers. This involves sharing, structuring and automating its facilities, constantly updating its security measures, implementing the most stringent industry standards and governance, construction work, intelligent energy management, continuous training and updating of skills… As well as providing the expected levels of service quality, the aim of these investments is to ensure that Bull is capable of proving its responsiveness in the face of evolving needs, of offering a wide range of options because its services are highly granular, and of rapidly integrating new applications and new environments… In a world that is constantly being turned upside-down, flexible outsourcing is a reliable way to maintain control of your systems while at the same time giving yourself the necessary agility.

To find out more about what flexible outsourcing could do for your organization... explore the white papers and expert opinions >>

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