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NEXT : Bull ensures information technology will actively help business through the economic crisis

  • Bull launches its NEXT >> program, to help enterprises overcome the current crisis and prepare to meet tomorrow's challenges
  • As a major player in information technology, Bull makes a firm commitment to ensuring that computing is a positive force for escaping the crisis

The world has never before been hit by such a dramatic and devastating economic crisis. Faced with an environment marked by insecurity and instability - where fundamental economic values and models are being called into question - businesses have to contend with a difficult present and an uncertain future. Speed, flexibility, control... but above all innovation are becoming absolutely essential as a positive means to overcome the crisis. As a major player in information technology, Bull intends to play its part in this revolution.

NEXT >> A tangible and practical road-map and actions, delivering rapid ROI, to help organizations meet the challenges of the current crisis and prepare for the future

More than ever Bull is ready - by drawing on its wealth of experience and the support of its partners - to ensure that innovation and information technologies are a real springboard to help businesses escape the crisis.
With its 7i program, Bull launched a series of powerful initiatives to respond to the challenges of an open world. Now, with NEXT >>, Bull goes further still and offers a concrete road-map and practical actions to help businesses ensure that their information systems actively help them get through the current difficult times and prepare for the future.

This latest program draws on Bull's extensive capabilities in information management consultancy (covering everything from data storage to Business Intelligence), High-Performance Computing (HPC), Open Source, green technologies and outsourcing. The services and solutions offered as part of the NEXT >> program are designed to help enterprises respond to the immediate challenges of the current crisis - more effective business control, cost reduction and improved competitiveness - while also investing in the future. In particular, NEXT >> includes:

  • A consultancy service designed to facilitate 360° management of information, through Business Intelligence and storage optimization audits. The concrete challenge: real-time detection of risks and opportunities
  • Consultancy and turn-key solutions to encourage innovation, thanks to easier and more cost-effective access to computer simulation. The concrete challenge: innovation at twice the speed
  • A consultancy service and turn-key offerings that allow organizations to take full advantage of collaborative development, with Open Source and Virtual ShoreTM. The concrete challenge: strengthening business application development, while reducing software costs by as much as 60%'
  • Consultancy services to help organizations optimize and consolidate their Data Centers. With its Bio Data CenterTM offering, Bull combines energy audits and intelligent energy management, virtualization and service quality management. The concrete challenge: to reduce Data Center operating costs by between 30% and 60 %, while at the same time improving performance
  • Consultancy and a progressive approach towards computing-on-demand, with an innovative solution: flexible outsourcing. The concrete challenge: to transform capital expenditure (CAPEX) into operating costs (OPEX) for more effective control of fixed costs.

The NEXT >> program is a modular approach, delivering 'quick wins' through its range of initial audits, a precise road-map with personalized support, and concrete objectives. Thanks to NEXT >> organizations will benefit from rapid ROI, as well as long-term drivers for growth. This revolutionary program helps enterprises consolidate what they already have, and invest in their futures: an excellent springboard for escaping the current crisis.

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