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NovaScale 7000 series
The new servers for GCOS 7, Linux® and Microsoft® Windows® applications

NovaScale 7125/7285

High-range servers based on dual-core Intel® Itanium® 2 processors, providing advanced partitioning features allowing the simultaneous support of GCOS 7, Microsoft® Windows® and Linux® .
Powerful and robust, they constitute the ideal evolution path for medium and large GCOS 7 servers .

Innovative architecture, standard processors, mainframe reliability

Designed and developed within the Diane program, the NovaScale 7125 and 7285 servers are based on the FAME (Flexible Architecture for Multiple Environments) architecture and on the dual-core Intel® Itanium® 2 processors.
They guarantee the continuity of functioning of GCOS 7 applications (binary compatibility), while facilitating the integration of applications of the open environments.
The NovaScale 7125 and 7285 servers complete the current GCOS 7 offer which includes the Bull NovaScale G7x7 servers. They provide more power and openness as well as advanced partitioning features.
They offer the reliability, availability and maintainability of the mainframe class. They constitute the ideal evolution path for medium and large GCOS 7 servers.

To execute GCOS 7, Microsoft® Windows® & Linux® in complete security in isolated partitions

The innovative architecture of NovaScale 7125 and 7285 servers enable physical partitioning on a single server:
•  either one GCOS 7 and up to six Microsoft® Windows® 2003 and Linux® (Red Hat or Bull Advanced Server) partitions,
•  or up to four GCOS 7 partitions.

In each physical partition the applications execute in a dedicated environment, including notably processors, memory and disks, which guarantees optimal functioning and performance.
In addition, as the partitions are isolated, an incident in one partition does not disturb the functioning of the others. Each GCOS 7 partition thus benefits from a mainframe-class environment.

GCOS 7 partition models for increased flexibility

The GCOS 7 partition models are characterized by the number and power of the GCOS 7 processors.
Thanks to a wide performance range, from 250 up to 5800 on the GCOS 7 scale, they allow easy adaptation of the configurations to the needs of the user.

Optimized handling of input/output, telecommunications and relational database access

The integration of open world technologies into the NovaScale 7000 servers enables a very powerful input/output architecture and connection of market standard peripherals.
In addition, the NovaScale 7000 servers can be easily integrated in a SAN (Storage Architecture Network) thanks to their optical fiber links and their administration tools.

Bull System Manager makes administration easier

The NovaScale 7000 servers and the associated partitions are managed by Bull System Manager (BSM), which is a software suite designed to help system administrators fulfill administration tasks in today’s complex system environments.


NovaScale 7000 series specsheetA new generation of GCOS 7 servers
PostgreSQL in gcos 7 environments
The availability of Open Source PostgreSQL database for novascale gcos 7 open mainframes opens up the legacy environments at the heart of the Data Center.
Bull System Manager
A single point of control for the integrated management of Bull servers .


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