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"Intel has had a strong relationship with Bull around large enterprise servers over a long time. We are excited that the Intel® processors bring increased scalability, performance and resiliency to the new generations of Bull mission critical servers running gcos"
Pauline Nist, General manager, Mission Critical Computing Segment, Intel.

“We chose the new Bull novascale gcos 9010 server to meet the demands for performance, service continuity and openness required for our information system. Its architecture – designed by Bull – and Intel® Itanium® 9300 processors perfectly meet CNAF’s expectations. Tests carried out over a number of months have demonstrated a level of performance, both for transactional and batch processing, combined with the new PostgreSQL production database, that will enable us to confidently embark on a program to consolidate several production centers into a single Data Center."
Gérard Russeil, Information Systems Director at CNAF*

* CNAF: The Caisse Nationale d'Allocations Familiales – the ‘family branch’ of the French social security system, which manages benefits for some 37 million people


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