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Bull NovaScale servers and Windows Server 2008 R2 to reduce the cost and complexity of data center environments
Cost, complexity and service levels are the primary concerns for IT organizations around the globe.

Windows Server

To reduce the number of hardware, operating systems and applications running in their data centers, more and more organizations are considering consolidation and Microsoft standardization as the solution to achieve cost reduction and simplify the complexity of their data center environments.

Bull provides a total solution including Bull novascale family of servers, consulting, integration and infrastructure services expertise to help enterprises in achieving data center consolidation and standardisation through the deployment of Microsoft technologies, while increasing agility, improving service quality and enabling business growth.

Bull has optimized the standards-based novascale servers running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system to deliver performance, robustness and security required by critical applications like transaction-intensive database applications, by large enterprise-scale Business Intelligence solutions, as well as to extend the benefits of consolidation to the most vital business applications.

bullion servers for virtualizing critical applications

With bullion servers, critical applications such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange as well as all other applications running Windows can be virtualized.

Bull novaScale servers for scale-out applications

Bull novascale Line – ranging from ultra-dense server blades to a complete line of rack and tower servers based on Intel® Xeon® technology - represents today the ideal for high-performance, heat-sensitive, space-constrained environments, helping enterprises' IT managers to increase power efficiency and lower energy costs.

Bull novascale servers are designed to handle greater workloads with enhanced performance, reliability, and scalability, ideal for SQL Server 2008 R2 database applications.

Bull novascale servers deliver an integrated infrastructure for data centers requiring front-end and applications servers in space constrained environments, in Windows Server 2003 environment.

By coupling the industry-standard SQL Server 2008 R2 database with Bull novascale servers, storage and services, customers have a powerful and versatile platform family offering value and performance, while benefiting of Microsoft standardization in the data center for true agility and bottom-line impact.

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