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Communities: Bull, a major contributor to Open Source

As 'Architect of an Open World', Bull is a major player in, and contributor to, the world of Open Source. As a manufacturer, Bull has been one of the pioneering contributors to Linux. In 2002, Bull co-founded ObjectWeb (along with INRIA and Orange), which has now become OW2, the world's leading Open Source middleware consortium. Then in 2006, Bull became the first strategic contributor to the JBoss open SOA offering in Europe. And in 2008, Bull co-founded the Open World Forum, the world's leading event dedicated to exploring the technological, economic and social impact of Open Source. Bull also actively contributes to numerous other international authorities and consortiums including Eclipse, the Linux Foundation, Apache, JCP and many others.

Linux kernel

Bull - along with IBM, HP, Intel, NEC and other major players - is heavily involved in a wide range of organizations and major projects dedicated to developing Linux, most notably through the Linux Foundation. This work aims to provide a robust, high-performance Linux implementation for Intel platforms, and has been used with particular success on Bull servers.

High-Performance Computing (HPC) running under Linux

Bull is involved in developing extreme computing software for Linux, with the creation of a Linux distribution specifically optimized for HPC and its contributions to numerous projects with major universities and European research labs. Bull is currently building Europe's first Petaflops-scale supercomputer (known as Tera100) for the French Atomic Energy Authority (the CEA), using Linux.

NovaForge: an Open Source forge for structured and professional software developments

NovaForge is a shared, professional software platform which draws on a development process based on a collection of Open Source tools. A truly industrial 'software development factory', NovaForge aims to reduce the overall development workload, optimize the management of costs and schedules, and improve the quality of deliverables.

Open Source solutions and applications

Bull is part of and contributes to many Open Source communities - including BonitaSoft, eXo, JBoss, JOnAS, Nagios, OpenLDAP, PHP, PostgreSQL, Samba, Tomcat and WebMin, among others - with the aim of creating robust infrastructures and applications.

Enterprise middleware

As part of the OW2 consortium, Bull plays an active role on projects including the JOnAS J2EE application server, the Bonita workflow engine, the EasyBeans JavaBean container, the JOTM transaction manager, the Carol communication broker, the J2EE code generator NovaStudio, the ESB configuration tool Cimero and the Jope Eclipse plug-in. In 2006, Bull became the first strategic contributor to the JBoss open Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) offering in Europe. Bull teams are also involved in communities such as Java and Apache.

Open Source security solutions

As part of its TrustWay offering, Bull is developing high-security encryption solutions running under Linux.

European research projects

Bull is also involved in a number of European projects dedicated to developing solutions for e-government, telecoms, defense and healthcare, including ITEA projects and the Qualipso consortium.

Open World Forum

Finally, Bull was one of the co-founders of the Open World Forum, the world's leading event dedicated to exploring the technological, economic and social impact of open technologies.

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