Today, Bull is one of the most important players in the Open Source world. In line with its aim to help its customers fully exploit the benefits of information technologies as a driver for growth, Bull helps public and private sector organizations alike to implement IT infrastructures and applications that take advantage of the advances in Open Source software: focusing constantly on the need to meet operational requirements for reliability, security and 24/7 support.

Through its strong contributions to Open Source, Bull has amassed an experience which places it quite naturally as a major player in this field. Today, Bull is the only European player with a presence in all three major aspects of Open Source, as a:

  • Manufacturer, creating Open Source components for its hardware platforms
  • Software publisher, utilizing existing Open Source components to develop value-added software
  • Integrator, offering a wide range of Open Source-related services, from systems integration to support (with Open Energy).
  • With hundreds of experts in Europe, Bull helps organizations implement robust infrastructures and applications based on Open Source. In doing so, the company brings to bear its expertise and proven methodologies to ensure the effective integration of Open Source components within information system.

    Building on manufacturing expertise to create effective Open Source components

    As a manufacturer, Bull offers a comprehensive range of Linux and Open Source server environments. The company also offers a full range of particularly powerful High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions, including its own optimized Linux distribution, and innovative network storage solutions from its partners. As a result of this capability, Bull was chosen by the French Atomic Energy Authority (the CEA) to build under Linux Europe's biggest collection of supercomputers, and one of the most powerful in the world.

    Using a professional software publishing approach to develop added value from existing components

    To help businesses build, integrate and implement distributed applications with an open middleware environment, Bull offers a modular middleware platform combining all the flexibility of open systems and ISV-level support, with particularly competitive costs of ownership. Consisting of Open Source products (Jboss, OW2...) supported and enriched by Bull, these solutions are available as part of the Open Energy package of services, for building portals, workflow tools, ESBs (enterprise service bus), process automation or application platform suite (APS) solutions, among others.

    NovaForge: a shared professional development tool

    Bull's services offerings are focused around 'forge' technologies. NovaForge™ is an international and secure shared development tool, featuring proven distributed development methodologies. The forge provides a standard, ready-to-use development environment for VirtualShore. It draws heavily on Bull's R&D teams, who have many years experience in developing software worldwide, as well as an international network of development centers in France, Brazil, China, Spain, Morocco, Poland and the USA. Capitalizing on their know-how is key, with close collaboration between project leaders, systems architects, experts and developers.

    A robust approach to security

    The collaborative infrastructure offered by Bull is completely secure, thanks to the expertise and solutions provided by its dedicated security business. Most notably, Bull has launched globull, the world's most secure mobile computing platform, based on Linux.


    Bull is the co-founder and a strategic member of the OW2 consortium, the leading Open Source middleware community worldwide.
    Bull is a strategic partner of Red Hat / Jboss in Europe.

    Bull has also set up local partnerships with numerous other Open Source vendors, including Citrix and Novell, among others.

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