Tier 3+ data centers, ISO 27001 certification, SAP certified in Hosting services, operator licence ... continued investments for security and the environment

Infrastructures on demand

For datacenter consolidation projects or physical or virtual infrastructure streamlining or simply application hosting, we offer a catalogue of work units specific to cloud environments for flexible invoicing. This is part of our Le cloud by Bull offer.

More information about Le cloud by Bull >

The service in a few key points:

  • Power and storage on demand;
  • Invoicing according to consumption;
  • 24/7 Managed Hosting Services;
  • 2 levels of availability commitment (Standard: 99.5% High Availability 99.9%);
  • VPN

Management and robust control tools tested for the cloud.

  • Automatic provisioning
  • Power
  • Storage
  • Applications and patches
  • Cloud provisioning portal

Operating support tools

Deployment modes to suit your needs

From its own managed hosting centers, Bull hosts and operates large private clouds on dedicated virtual or physical private infrastructure. The managed private cloud hosting service offering can be combined with the public cloud or dedicated infrastructure (managed or not) to provide a hybrid cloud.
For more information about Le cloud by Bull>

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Industrialisation of production:
Jean-Pierre Le Treut
More info
by Jean-Pierre Le-Treut Outsourcing Business Development Manager
The French government body that enables companies to submit their social security declarations on line (GIP-MDS) has awarded Bull the contract to host and run its information system. Thanks to the flexibility of its outsourcing offerings, Bull will be well placed to support huge seasonal variations in workload, as well as the long-term evolution of the system.