Operator and integrator services of critical business networks

Specialising in critical business networks, Bull provides, through its dedicated subsidiary, Bull pi, a network integration solutions as part of the deployment of supercomputers and banking flow systems. Among the services provided:

  • PRIVATE BUSINESS NETWORKS: Private business network solutions (VPN) for secure, high quality interconnections between sites
  • POINT TO POINT CONNECTIONS: Connectivity between Bull data centers and PoPs
  • INTERNET ACCESS: Internet access solutions which are specific to companies' needs
Metropolitan area network

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Industrialisation of production:
Jean-Pierre Le Treut
More info
by Jean-Pierre Le-Treut Outsourcing Business Development Manager
The French government body that enables companies to submit their social security declarations on line (GIP-MDS) has awarded Bull the contract to host and run its information system. Thanks to the flexibility of its outsourcing offerings, Bull will be well placed to support huge seasonal variations in workload, as well as the long-term evolution of the system.