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Make flexibility central to your organisation and constantly adapt your capacity to your business needs

Bull has the expertise and know-how that enable it to respond to the constraints of IT operations and to adapt to the objectives and specific characteristics of its customers. Its lever: very strong industrialisation combined with detailed consideration of the customer's needs.

Industrialisation, the basis of flexibility


This industrialisation is the result of heavy investment to maintain state of the art infrastructure and an industrial service approach based on:

  • the provision of highly secure data centers with very high speed interconnections. Bull is constantly adapting its resources to manage the evolution of the information systems with which it is entrusted and to upgrade its hosting facilities. This requires an ongoing assessment of its data centers and rigorous management of its capacity (capacity planning);
  • access to high-level expertise, both in the application and technical fields;
  • the industrialisation of processes, to improve productivity and costs. Bull has the necessary resources to ensure highly efficient control of its services which it constantly upgrades
  • access by the customer to tools for monitoring and controlling the service;
  • identification of work units, to provide real flexibility to changing requirements.
  • This industrialisation gives Bull high granularity in its offerings.

Central to the flexibility offered by Bull

  • modular and flexible managed service scenarios offering a combination of services performed on the customer's site or on a Bull site using the customer's resources or in shared mode, relayed with internal services, for example covering specific times;
  • implementation of work units allowing scalability of the service.

Our services to ensure availability and continuity of service

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