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A flexible 24/7 monitoring system, benefiting from all the resources of a major outsourcing player

Business needs and the requirement of continuity of services mean that information systems must be increasingly available over increasingly longer periods. An IT department must therefore have a monitoring system which ensures the detection and processing of incidents 24 hours a day.

This monitoring may generate a high number of alerts, of widely different kinds and at times or periods which may be inconvenient. It is therefore necessary to develop tools to automate a number of actions and procedures. Monitoring itself will consist of a special tool providing traceability, filtering, reporting.... This material and human system, in particular operating a team which is present 24/7 represents a significant cost when it is not shared

Bull provides responsive and proactive monitoring services (event correlation and trend analyses). They rely on a secure state of the art tool, industrial processes, dedicated teams and a Service Desk.

They guarantee the availability, operation and security of sensitive elements:

  • Infrastructure
  • Equipment
  • Networks
  • Systems
  • Applications

These services are provided by our teams 24/7 and can be provided à la carte according to your needs, in particular for reduced scope services limited to the most inconvenient times. Our monitoring services can be applied to a particular component of your infrastructure as part of an outsourcing or remote control contract and of course they can be joined to Operating Conditions Maintenance and to all our flexibly managed services

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