Data centers Tier 3+, certification ISO 27001, SAP certified in Hosting services,services, operator licence ... continued investments for security and the environment
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Discover the 10 reasons that make Bull a major trusted player in outsourcing and cloud computing in Europe.

  1. Leading expertise in helping organisations move towards an information system driven by its business value, relying on flexible and tailor-made managed services, a partnership approach to outsourcing and an innovative cloud computing offering: The cloud by Bull
  2. A powerful network of Tier 3+ secure data centers in Europe, representing a virtual hosting space comparable to a single cloud area of 12,000 m²
  3. A proprietary network of fibre-optic broadband open to the main international operators
  4. Ongoing investments in security and eco-governance, as evidenced by the ISO 27001 certifications, the Green IT European hosting trophy received in 2011 and recognition by the European Commission for the energy performance of its main data centers

    iso 27001 code-conduct data center
  5. Obtaining "Certified provider of hosting services" certification in France, by SAP, for the fourth consecutive year, confirming Bull's ability to provide hosting services with a high level of quality that meet the operational standards of support for SAP® solutions.
    SAP Hosting Services
  6. The state of the art data centers with state of the art tooling in terms of IT Management, Application Management, from secure on-line access monitoring to service management tools and documentation and full Cloud Suit
  7. A comprehensive range of cloud services, from the hosting of a private cloud in one's own data centers to the the provision of trusted public cloud services, powered by Numergy, and hybrid cloud solutions, benefiting from all the group's expertise
    Ca technologies
  8. 8 A cutting-edge Service Desk organisation in Europe organised around virtual interconnected service centres
  9. A subsidiary dedicated to outsourcing and the hosting of web-based, critical environments, Agarik, guaranteeing in-depth knowledge of the architectures, from cloud computing to complex networks, the only player in France to offer a 24/7 on-site support service and the strongest SLA commitments in the market. 1
  10. Trusted managed services chosen by the most important French organisations


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