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Success stories

Bull hosts and runs information systems for some of Europe's largest public and private sector organizations.

Bull helps Coreso keep watch over Europes electricity distribution grids

European joint venture shows its continued confidence in Bull, with a new renewable 36-month outsourcing contract. Bull will provide all the necessary skills to support Coresos mission-critical information system, which is supervised and administered from Bulls main data center near Angers in France, by experts in high availability.

GIP-MDS: Bull supports growth at GIP-MDS through flexible outsourcing

The French government body that enables companies to submit their social security declarations on line (GIP-MDS) has awarded Bull the contract to host and run its information system. Thanks to the flexibility of its outsourcing offerings, Bull will be well placed to support huge seasonal variations in workload, as well as the long-term evolution of the system.

Bull outsources the ERP of CNRS, the first European research organization

The CNRS, the first European research organization wanted to modernize its main IT applications. A consortium, including Bull, has been chosen to build the technical architecture and take care of progressive and corrective maintenance, as well as outsource, the two Escala systems, based on SAP.

Agarik hosts the Korben blog

Agarik a Bull Group company which specializes in hosting critical Web infrastructures has taken on the hosting of Korben, one of the three leading IT blogs in France. Agariks organizational and technical set-up means we can make a contractual commitment to the availability of the hardware hosted.

Protecting the strategic data in Frances budgetary system

Led by AIFE (lAgence pour linformatique financire de ltat), the French State financial IT Agency, the Chorus project is aiming to provide a single, common budgetary system for the State, based on SAP. In particular, Bull has been chosen to design, supply and implement the Chorus ultra high-availability infrastructure.

Bull provides infrastructure and back office solutions to Sibelga

Bull provided to Sibelga, distributer of electricity and natural gas to the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region, its infrastructure and back office solutions. In addition to providing and installing 800 Thin Client and 900 monitors, Bull has delivered 2 Bull Escala M6-700 POWER7 servers, 2 EMC Data Domain and 2 EMC Celera systems.

Randstad relies on Bull to secure and hosts its information systems

Randstad France, a major player in the human resources sector, relies on Bull to host its production information system along with its Web servers. Vedior's objective was to to secure and make reliable a highly scalable infrastructure that must deliver high levels of service continuity with absolute confidentiality, while rationalizing IT costs.

PaperlinX relies on Bull to standardize and centralize its complete IT infrastructure

By outsourcing its IT to Bull, PaperlinX wanted to reduce costs, raise its service levels and focus on its core activities. Within the contract, Bull is responsible for the datacenter operations of PaperlinX, as well as the desktop management and helpdesk activities for 4500 users. The virtualized servers are to be housed in Bull's newly opened datacenter in Barnsley, UK. The entire infrastructure is backed up to a second datacenter in the Netherlands.

Bull wins over LOccitane

To support its international expansion, cosmetics company LOccitane has turned to Bull to host and operate its business-critical systems. In addition to that, LOccitane was looking to replace its existing ERP package with SAP. So it was essential to the long-term lifetime of the new system that its future operator had all the necessary skills.

La Poste relies on Bull to modernize, consolidate and secure its IT production sites

The French Post Office (La Poste) has entrusted Bull with the relocation and hosting of its server network on eight production sites on two Bull industrial, highly secure sites. The project includes 1,733 servers and 870 network installations hosted in 500 racks. Bull's know-how when it comes to data center 'urbanization' has enabled the Group to provide the entire package of system engineering, processes, tools and project management, with a strong emphasis on risk management.

Certinomis, the French certification authority, calls on Bull to help secure its business activities

Certinomis is a Certification Authority and uses its full range of skills to support businesses, financial institutions and public sector organizations; offering them a full range of digital certificates. To respond to the demands of a market that is undergoing radical restructuring, Certinomis wanted to rework its production system. Bull met these expectations by putting forward a hosted solution based on MetaPKI, its digital certificate management software, fully integrated with Bull TrustWayTM encryption.

Bull to host and operate mon.service-public.fr

As part of its mission to modernize the way that government operates and is managed, the DIMAP (French State Modernization Agency) has launched a vast program aimed at simplifying administrative processes, for all users of public services. At the heart of this program, mon.service-public.fr enables users to carry out numerous tasks on line, monitor the progress of their interactions and save documents published by the government and its partners in a secure area of the site. This mass-market application - which is destined to receive several tens of millions of hits a year - has to respond to highly exacting requirements in terms of availability, security of exchanges, confidentiality of personal data and robustness. In total, almost 130 servers have been deployed to run the integration, pre-production and production environments. The application is being hosted and operated at a Bull Data Center in two independent cold sites, running 24x7 with 99.8% availability.

La Poste reaches new heights with Le cloud by Bull

Following an open invitation to tender, the French Post Office group La Poste has once again put its faith in Bull, to provide an ultra high availability secure hosting solution. The six-year contract, worth 27 million, guarantees La Poste the very high levels of service, technological flexibility and expert, made-to-measure support that will be needed to implement its multi-faceted business strategy.

Hosting the Motor Trade

Autoline is a full ERP System for the automotive vertical. To be effective, Autoline has to be run on reliable, robust and high-quality hardware systems. To fulfil this function, ADP DSI turned to its existing IT supplier, Bull Information Systems. Specifically, Bull assisted ADP DSI in optimising the use of its data centre servers by virtually dividing them into lots of smaller systems, each running independently but sharing the resources of the larger servers.

Bull supports CNIM for over a decade as its information system evolves

CNIM (the Mediterranean Naval and Industrial Construction company) is a major French group operating on an international scale, whose business is to design and deliver turnkey industrial installations with significant technological content. In order to grow its business, the group depends on its strong core values, such as creativity, commitment and responsiveness. CNIMs information system reflects those values. Thanks to its agility, it has been able to fit in with the groups acquisitions policy, especially over the past decade. Because it is flexible, it has constantly adapted to keep pace with the groups projects, some of them valued at several billion euros. And its responsiveness meets the needs of an international engineering firm that manages over 60 Terabytes of technical data.Bull has contributed to the evolution of this information system by cultivating a strong partnership with CNIM and making a long-term commitment to work alongside this multi-faceted group.

Power on demand for Socit Gnrale

Financial services require powerful analysis and modeling tools. To answer these needs, Extreme Computing helps organizations constantly push back the boundaries of computer simulation, modeling and digital analysis. SG CIB, Socit Gnrale Corporate and Investment Banking, was looking for a solution that would give it both the performance it needed and great flexibility of use. So SG CIB turned to Bull, whose HPC-on-demand offering corresponded to its demands: power, flexibility, responsiveness, high levels of security, commitment and cost control. Bull not only provides servers but also network infrastructure, security, hosting and associated services. Not only the architecture itself, but also the way the services are delivered, are set up to absorb Socit Gnrales extra demands and respond to peaks in workload, to meet their changing needs, especially when they are carrying out complex calculations around share derivatives or risk management.

The DGEFP outsources to Bull Parcours 3, its core business application

DGEFP the Directorate for Employment and Professional Training in France opted for outsourcing to provide secure hosting of this innovative, mission-critical, partnership-based and scalable application. Bull, which defined and provided the technical infrastructure is hosting all the national platforms as well as some of the regional platforms. The outsourcing service that Bull offers responds to the financial and legal complexity of the project, with the aim of simplifying it and reducing its cost for users.


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